Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pop Culture Wednesday

I have a new batch of pop culture reviews for everyone!


This was a solid, grade A, action flick.  I REALLY enjoyed it.  Inception is still the better movie currently in theaters, but this is definitely worth a watch!  Angelina Jolie was amazingly slick in the role; along with Zoe Saldana (see other review...), she is the best female action hero in the movie business.  Extremely violent, but captivating all the same.


Adorable television show!  It isn't a particularly new idea, but Nathan Fillion is adorable all of the time.  His character is full of wit and sass, and they are going to take the sexual tension thing to the limit!  Falls into the CSI/Criminal Minds type of episode dynamic, but a lot of fun when laying on the couch.

The Losers:
I had virtually no expectations going into this movie.  I was pleasantly surprised!  The movie is over-the-top and plays like an MTV video, but the story was clever, the action was fun, and the right people won in the end! :).  Don't expect any real depth though, this one is just for kicks!

What have you been watching/listening to this week??



Toni said...

I hope you've seen Nathan Fillion in Waitress. It's a wonderful movie and he's great in it. I see on IMBD that he was born in Edmonton!

Sue Jackson said...

Some great recommendations, Annie - I added them to my list! I listed a few on Movie Monday this week on my blog.

As for TV, we've been trying Mad Men in DVD - very good, but hard to watch how everyone treated women!!