Friday, August 13, 2010

Love Me Fridays

  • I love my bed.
  • I love my cell phone for being able to keep in touch with my favorite girls and guys.
  • I love the support of my family, for coming down to feed me yesterday.  My mother is a pharmacist and made special capsules of smaller medication for me to try out.  She is amazing.
  • I love the show Castle for always giving me a pick up.
  • I love the thought of potentially being productive someday.
  • My tiny pill of Modafinil didn't make me super sick today, even though I'm in bed sick with other things! Haha
  • The chance of hope. I lost hope for awhile. I still don't have a lot of it. But I have some. And that is enough :).
  • My boyfriend for buying me a gluten free tuna sandwich when I was too weak to make anything :).
  • Cold drinks with straws.
  • Hearing the voices of Internet friends :)

I need to make this for Jon haha
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It's been a tough week.  I've been crying every single day, but I still found things to be grateful for, and that is how you know you are going to somehow make it through.

What are you grateful for this week??  What is keeping you going?  Making life worth living?  Warm my heart, will you? 



DrSnit said...

Thank you for sharing this.... love your gratitude lists... always love these... I need to start making my own.


Toni said...

I'm grateful for your blog. Your hope gives us all hope.

I'm grateful for my husband. He says he doesn't care that I'm sick. He just wants to be with me. What more could I ask?

I'm grateful for my Internet friends.

I'm grateful to my daughter-in-law for driving to Davis from Berkeley every Thursday so I can see my granddaughter, Cam.

I'm grateful to Netflix (!) I got sick in May, 2001 and I joined Netflix in October, 2001.

Brittney said...

I have a lot to be greatful for this week. I had a couple wonderful friends help me move to Iowa (~4 hour trip) and since they knew I was on a tight budget they put gas in the U-Haul for me and told me to pay them back within two months.

Like you I'm also greatful for my cell phone. I don't know anyone here in town yet so my only connection to another human is via the internet or my phone.

I love my animals who are keeping me company and driving me batty at the same time.

And, I love myself for being strong and making the move from my comfortzone to a whole new world. My body might have its flaws but my spirit is one tough cookie.

Anonymous said...

I love your gratitude list has your husband "bringing you a tuna sandwich".

It's amazing what can make your whole world go smoothly isn't it?

I'm grateful for my hubs who does much of the little short trips to the stores.

For all the laughs & love my critters bring me daily.

The ability to through the pain any given moment.

phylor said...

Thanx for another great list!

This week, I'm grateful for:

*my computer, the internet, and folks like you in the cyberverse

*my sunflowers; they are really taking off (lots of rain followed by sun); some are almost as tall as me; the flower buds are forming

*my morning coffee; an important ritual to help me embrace the new day

*chocolate; I found almost healthy coco and dark chocolate chunk graham whole wheat cookies

*rerun of an Inspector Lewis mystery (PBS) on Sunday evening when I was down, my pain was up, and I needed distraction

The act of writing down gratitude is a good process. It makes you think, and appreciate more the people and stuff (not exactly the word I was looking for -- can't find it right now) that surround you.