Friday, August 6, 2010

Love Me Fridays

  • The loves of my life - Jon, Family, Twitter friends, real friends!
  • Painkillers
  • Daria (just started watching it again!!)
  • Tumblr for its ability to be endlessly entertaining.
  • The movie Penelope, which I watch every time I'm feeling down.
  • Being back in my apartment in Charlottetown, attempting to be remotely independent.
  • Being able to text with my friends on my new cell phone, even if it is only a prepaid one :).
  • Having some alone time again.  I loved spending time with my family on vacation but it was just go-go-go!  I'm sure the novelty of being alone will wear off in like two days, but right now I just need the rest :).
  • Making salmon for supper! My first night of cooking again in weeks...
  • This article!
  • Ice cream and air conditioning!
  • Motivational quotes...any lyrics...I'm obsessed with them all!
  • The Lady Gaga Vanity Fair cover - it is sooooo beautiful :)

(Images from WeHeartIt)

What are you loving this week?? Share the joy!



SarahBear9708 said...

So this isn't like really a real response to your blog, because I'm tired and can't think...but I saw tumblr. Haha. What's your link? :)

phylor said...

* having a nice supper with friends at their house on a lake

* regina spektor's music

* blue rodeo's "the things we left behind" 2 vol. cd (and the friend who burned copies of regina and blue rodeo for me)

* spending time outside doing "outdoor work": weeding, trimming bushes, watering (yeah that I had enough energy at points this week to do so)

* reading your list of what made you happy this week: great list!

Toni said...

Love me Fridays:

Your pictures as always, especially the quote about being comfortable at home.

Re-discovering the Dairy Queen that's down the block.

The possibility that my son and family will visit on Sunday.

Having gotten through an interview about my book this morning without sounding like an idiot!

Forgetful Girl said...

Lady Gaga's nail varnish on that cover. I want it!

Anonymous said...

Good Doctors

Better, The love of my life-Hubs

Compassionate Son

All my critters

New blog friends

Great music

Pain killers that work

Muscle relaxers

coffee in the morning

central air conditioning