Monday, August 2, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

Another week, another chance at life! (Well, it's actually a new day...but whatever...).

This week, I have these pesky issues on my mind:

  • The fact that I do not qualify for disability as far as we can tell.  Jon doesn't make enough money for the two of us, and I hate having my family paying so much for me to live away.  Blargh.  I have no idea what to do for money.
  • I seem to be allergic to the entire lower floor of my house.  Not sure what to do about that...
  • My sister goes back to Halifax today :(.  This makes me sad as I don't get to see her very often!
  • Futureshop not having the model of laptop in stock that we went shopping for :(.
  • The fact that the food I make never tastes as good as that made by others.
  • I miss my Kimberley on Twitter!
  • I want to buy a Filofax and am completely poor and yet probably will anyways.  I like paper and pen planners better than my electronic devices.
  • My stomach is aching from trying to keep food down when it is so used to throwing up :(.
  • I feel bad about regarding my drug lessening attempt as a failure, as I know it is not remotely wrong to be required to be run on drugs. I was just disappointed that I couldn't be as free (even though I have known this from numerous previous attempts...).
  • I will just be getting used to one bed and it will be time to move back to the other (less comfy) bed.

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What is grinding your gears this week?  Have a rant session here and get it off of your chest!  I think it's a healthy way to start the week and then choose to remain positive :).



That Kind of Girl said...

No gripes yet this week, but I did have a pretty grumpy weekend, brought on by the strange sleeping sickness I seem to have acquired on Saturday. (Lay down for a quick nap in the afternoon. Woke up seventeen hours later, still exhausted.)

However, couldn't agree with you more about food always tasting better when other people make it. I always cook big batches in the beginning of the week to eat as lunch for the rest of the week. I wish there were some way I could get Eternal Sunshine surgery to forget that I'm the one who made it, so I could pretend I was eating food someone else prepped for lunch!

elisabeth said...

- Forgetting to refill my pill case.
- Food not staying in my system long enough to feel full, but long enough for me to gain/retain weight.
- Poor communication skills (got that post all ready for tomorrow!)
- Freezing office making me stiff and achy.
- Allergy explosion.
- One night of good sleep in the middle of an insomnia binge- just enough to tease.


Reformed Anon. Girl in Pain said...

I hate to ask but what is a filofax?
-I don't like my docs aren't doing anything for me and that she actually said she doesn't wanna waste $/the system on me
- I don't like being a medical zebra so no one will help me
- I don't like that I'm never hungry
- I don't like that I had to leave an outside party today because I don't sweat and I was overheating, I didn't want to leave, I need to finish making my cooling vest so I can actually go outside instead of hiding all summer

It's hard to just write the negatives! :) it feels unnatural when I'm used to people ragging on me to be positive.

- I don't like people ragging on me to always be positive when sometimes life just stinks! especially when they don't have health issues and just want the sun to shine out my butt eternally!

Sue Jackson said...

I'm with you - I still keep a paper calender, too!

Definitely don't worry about needing meds, though I know what you mean. I just said to my husband the other day, "I am so sick of taking all these pills!!!" Between the 3 of us with CFS in the house, we have 13 separate weekly medicine reminder boxes. My husband doesn't take a single daily medication! Good thing he's healthy.

Hmmm...gripes? A busy week loaded with unfun stuff like doctor's appointments and a broken dishwasher, just when my boys got home from their week with their grandparents!


phylor said...

Thanx for the invitation to rant! I've been grumpy lately. So here is my short list of gripes for this week: it's been one step forward, ten steps back lately; screw on tops are giving me problems -- can't get them on straight and keep dropping the lids; having to take so many meds.

Could gripe on about more topics, but I'll leave it at that. Thanx for the outlet.
May days be filled with more laughter than pain.