Monday, August 9, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • Bad reactions to new medications.
  • The fact that my toenails have to be so far away whenever I want to paint them.
  • I have no energy to do anything during the prime hours of the day.  Thank God we have one 24 hour grocery store or I would never get anything done!
  • My legs are getting weaker.
  • The rough situation my friend is currently going through :(.
  • I have completely lost that thing known to the world as an appetite.
  • Feeling stuck in crisis mode.
  • The fact that I have become too tired to walk without the help of stimulants. Gah.
  • I want my new Filofax to come in the mail!
  • Carpal Tunnel. Ow.
  • I need to buy some more medical self-help books. I should open a library.

(WeHeartIt and TheDailyWhat)

Hopefully, I came up with the right combination of sad and bitter, and yet optimistic and borderline amusing!

What do you need to get off your chest this week?  Vent it out with me, you'll feel better afterwards!!  I promise :).



with pen in hand said...

Let's see, what's bugging me the most early on Monday morning:

* sinus headaches
* being so exhausted it's hard to get out of bed to do mundane things like brushing my teeth
* being so tired, it's hard to write comments on other folks blogs, let along blog myself :)
And, yes, you hit the "right combination of sad and bitter, yet optimistic and borderline amusing"
An engaging way to start the week: thanx!

Dawn said...

Things bugging me Monday morning
* the massive bruise on my arm from being completely uncoordinated.
* my CFS specialist appt. today and the related anxiety that I we both know I need to stop working.
* being so worn out this weekend that I got nothing done at home, and have no idea what I'm wearing the rest of the week because all my clothes are dirty.

Anonymous said...

1. Migraines
2. Insomnia
3. Taking a ton of pills for breakfast.
4. Cold hands & feet, yest full force sweating from either meno or said pills on #3.
5. Lack of compassion by those who think they know better than I or my doctors.
6. Not being able to work outside my home.

I'll stop with that before I need to see a shrink!


rlee8235 said...

I love your two pics.....blow me and I'm not f**king fine. That's about how I feel right now. Except I don't take ANYTHING that would make me throw up. If nausea is even listed as a probable side effect.....nope, not me. As you can see I have a little phobia about that.......

Feel much better soon. This does blow.


Sue Jackson said...

Sorry you're still feeling so poorly. I have no complaints today - last week was so awful and so full of emergencies that I am just relieved that it's a new week and a fresh start! Our houseguests have left, and the house is quiet again (well, except for the 5 boys running around!)

My all-time favorite, most helpful CFS self-help book is Katrina Berne's fabulous book, CFS, Fibromyalgia and Other Invisible Illnesses: The Comprehensive Guide.