Monday, August 30, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • Guilt complexes.
  • Mosquito bites.
  • Forgetting my pencil crayons for my new crazy-awesome coloring book!
  • The fact that it takes 8 hours to backup my computer.
  • My last doctor's appointment, where I went completely bat-shit.
  • Cats who are too cute and get in the way of writing blog posts (haha).
  • Missing my twitter friends!
  • A computer that is dying, despite the fact that my dad soldered my computer cord and gave it a golf tee splint.
  • Medication that is so complicated that even my pharmacist mother gets confused when trying to put it in a weekly container set!
  • The lovely stress break-out I have going on.
  • Writing this post on the oddest angle ever as we have a very short extension cord here! Ow.

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What has been getting under your skin this week?  Rant here and get it off of your chest to someone who actually wants to listen!



Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Under my skin, huh:

lying media,
expanded wars,
spending our taxes on offensive weapons,
lack of single payer in this country cuz our rich are the greediest on the planet,
starving people to fund space programs.

Thanks, Annie, I must have needed that little blow-off.

yellowlablover said...

my less then perfect sleeping conditions,
back to school schedule,
puppies that bark at me,
mortgage company,
assistant soccer coach,
not enough space to work in..

I could go on...

thanks for that... muah.. yellowlablover (gina)

Toni said...

people who don't keep their word
robo calls
the barking dog next door
tv re-runs
I'm happy that Edie Falco won an Emmy for playing Nurse Jackie!

Tammy said...

Men! Enough said!

middle child said...

Yeah,.....what Tammy said. Plus
pains in my arms.
staying up too late every night.
that my husband didn't say goodbye.
that i am alone for 3 weeks.
that i am tired.
that people who call or answer the phone are intelligible.
hot weather.

Baffled said...

the next door dog that barks incesanctly when it is outside
my idiot neightbor that ties the dog up outside and then ignores it
being woken up every morning by the barking dog
being woken up during afternoon naps by the barking dog
not being able to figure out how to use the antibarking device hubby bought me
my idiot neighbor
being woken up at 7:30am on a Sunday by a the dog

What the Fog said...

Air conditioners that break in the heat of the summer
Flinching and saying OW! when someone lightly touches my shoulder
New A/C causes me to be broke
Pooping out after 5 minutes of work
Bursting into tears in front of people (how embarrassing!)
The Lyrica commercials

Anonymous said...

-mosquito bites
-med (& indirectly - fatigue) caused weight gain
-that youve been mostly absent from the internet world
-lack of life goal attain-ing going on
-my inability to get blog posts up lately
-that my mom has (since i commented on love me fridays) reverted to her lack of understanding state
-the misleading Lyrica ads for fibromyalgia
-everyone i know keeps freaking getting engaged and i havent had a date in years and no prospects! (whine, whine)

-SR (@gradstdntwlupus)