Monday, August 16, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • Breaking more parts of my computer.  I may be the clumsiest person of life.
  • The fact that I'm starting to feel like I need a full body splint in order to cut down on some of the mass pain!
  • That it seems impossible to do all of my Trigger Point Therapy alone (minus the occasional moment of after Jon gets home from work).
  • The fact that I have thrown up a LOT - but never as painfully as I did on Saturday.  I felt like I tore my insides apart.
  • Still waiting on that Filofax haha.
  • My diet = Glucerna + pills. Exciting. Except not.
  • I start upping my dose of Modafinil again this week in the hopes that my body will choose to adapt.
  • Changing birth control pills has led to massive pelvic pain for about 8 days out of my month.  
  • Developer commentary for Left4Dead games --> as Jon has managed to find them and play them and fill my brain with such information.
  • The Modafinil is making me sharper at the time of dosing, but my short-term memory is still shot down the drain.
  • I've been a giant pile of cranky. I'm not going to lie.

(Images from WeHeartIt and XKCD)

What is getting under your skin right now?  Let's have some group therapy and throw some rants into the ring, and then try to forget about them for the rest of the week, shall we??



    Madelyn said...

    Lets see..
    *Polycystic Ovarian Sydrome
    *Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
    *The chain smoker next door to my apartment who hakes all night long
    * The paper thin walls that allow me to hear her hacking.
    * Monday rush hour traffic in Chicago..'nough said.

    Inside the Mind of a... said...

    Grammar mistakes but that seems so ridiculous compared to rest of this list. I have the worst anxiety and rage about the weirdest things. I just started following your blog and I find it very helpful :)

    take care of yourself. I hope you're feeling better.

    phylor said...

    Let's see what to rant about this Monday:

    *non-stop IBS symptoms
    *not being able to fall asleep lately (usually I drift off, then wakeup alot)
    *cranium-crusher headaches

    That'll do . . . for now.
    Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for the ranting space.

    Baffled said...

    * Fire in my belly
    * Tingling in my face is spreading and getting worse
    * the pain in the right side of my jaw has now shown up in the left; if this keeps up I won't be able to eat solid food anymore; i won't be able to chew
    * my husband asking me if I'm better yet
    * being constantly tired
    * being constantly stupid
    The one symptom that doesn't bug me is my forgetfulness. I can't miss something I've forgotten about. Only my husband notices, while I get to see the same movie twice as if I've never seen it before.
    I hope this doesn't get worse.

    Baffled said...

    and plese God stop these f***ing hot flashes...Gah!

    Annie said...

    !!! I'm sorry you are all going through so much, but these are great lists of rants!

    I wish I could take away everyone's pain...I really do.


    Baffled said...

    My pain is my own cross to bear. It is my own dark time of the soul. You don't need to take my pain away from me. It is enough that you have allowed us a place to vent. I thank you.

    Anonymous said...

    1.Pills for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Oh and just for kicks, for desert too!

    2.Stress that seems never ending especially in the way of a horrible human being of a neighbor.

    3.THe economy which is kicking everyones ass right now.

    4.My bitchy mood... see #2

    5. Politicians who never shut the hell up and when they do talk, they say nothing in the way of change.

    6. Nope, love the critters. all good there.

    7. Friends who can't understand it's hard to be on a phone watching 6 critters, doing laundry, typing and trying to sew to turn a buck to pay the bills.

    Happy friggin monday!! Tazzy

    crazy333girl said...

    I'm a day late so I'll give you my grumbly Tuesday list!

    * My throat & chest which has been sore for 3 days now and has me coughing & choking like a dying animal.
    * My feet! I challenge you for the clumsiest person alive tag. I am sick of tripping over my own feet. You'd think after 30-odd years I'd know how to walk properly.
    * Work. I'm not in the mood this week so it's painful.
    * Lactose intolerance. I've never eaten dairy but had to change my diet on doctors orders recently and my body is rejecting all things dairy.
    * Random ppl who keep wanting me to add them to facebook. Just cos I met you once doesn't mean your my friend!

    I'll stop now or this will go on and on and on!! Hahaha.