Friday, August 20, 2010

Love Me Fridays

  • TiltedHaloCast and my beloved Rhian for keeping me amused while I'm attempting to write.

  • The fact that Jon won me a stuffed giraffe at the carnival!! It was one of those moments that was straight out of a movie!

  • Being able to write all my symptoms down daily in my new Filofax!  I am special haha.

  • Writing a blog interview for Sarah Von at Yes and Yes!  So exciting, she's such an inspiration!

  • Watching Criminal Minds on a new TV streaming site!

  • Feeling like an investigator, trying to figure out which new drug is causing the worst side effects.  The side effects part sucks, but the investigating is fun :).

  • Hiding in my air conditioned bedroom to handle the Modafinil hot flashes!

  • The fact that I have felt better through Thursday than any other day in the last two months :).

  • Managing to churn out articles and still feeling like I have enough of a brain to keep using it!  

  • I got the dishes done and cleaned out the fridge (even though I bonked my head on the freezer handle and then fell and bonked it on the chair!)

  • The blogs of my friends!  There are so many now that I can't keep them all straight - but I love each and every one of them! 

  • (Random Internet Memes haha)

    What are you grateful for this Friday?? Let's take a minute to be thankful shall we??

    Lots of love,


    Baffled said...

    The fact that I'm home from work indefinately means that I can watch Craig Fergeson every night indefinately.

    I got to spend the summer with my son before he starts community college.

    I can sit outside in the sun anytime I want.

    I get to watch Farscape from the begining in order!

    Anonymous said...

    (i was planning to post thegym trial membership but not so much anymore..)

    that my mom is finally coming around / starting to see that i really am ill

    friends that i get to hang out with again now that im back in town

    -SR (@gradstdntwlupus)

    Julie Marinkovic said...

    Hi Annie,
    We have spoken on Twitter. I went to a museum in London a few months ago and fell asleep on a bench! Oh well my husband got to see everything.
    I have been ill for just over 12 months and will very soon be losing my job as a Primary School Teacher. I don't work from home at the moment - only just have enough energy to Blog! I'm not at the stage yet to think about my future and work, but would be interested to know what others do.
    As a fellow sufferer of CFS/ME, I can empathise with your situation totally. I find sharing my experiences with others helps me feel less isolated and gives me something positive to focus on. To this end, with my family's assistance, we have started our own site. If you visit on the attatched link and like what we are trying to achieve, you might consider exchanging your HTML banner code or your URL so we can advertise on each others sites and hopefully spread the word to a greater audience.
    Julie x

    phylor said...

    Let's see, on Friday, I was . . . suffering from a migraine, so didn't feel all that good about anything.
    I feel good that Friday is over and that my migraine went away, too.

    We went for a walk in a local park this morning and saw birds, chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, fish, bugs, bees, butterflies and dragonflies.

    and I feel good that I read your blog (even if it's a day late).