Monday, August 23, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • The fact that I didn't get a post up on Sunday because I didn't feel good enough to write one :(.  I think that is the first day I have missed a post in a LONG time.
  • I am going up on my Modafinil and find I'm getting more and more tired.  I'm guessing my body is managing to maneuver its way around the drug.
  • I have been stuck at the same spot in my Fight Like A Girl Club article for the last 3 days.
  • People who think that their way of living is vastly superior to others.
  • Mood swings.  I'm not down with them (despite having them constantly!).
  • That karma does not seem to exist, even though I desperately cling to the idea!
  • Spiders.  They scare me.  
  • Not being able to be cook things for myself anymore (brought more to the surface of my brain as I had the most AMAZING meals courtesy of my lovely friend Sarah this weekend!).
  • I wish I lived in the country.
  • And I wish I had watermelon right now.
  • Sore throats.
  • Sleep deprivation (I'm pretty sure I saw double of everything last night!)
  • A recent lack of commenting.  And me commenting on others blogs.  We all need to get back on the bandwagon!  

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Needless to say, my week has been all over the map.  Starting to feel overwhelmed again, so help take my mind off of it and rant away with me!  Let loose some of those cranky thoughts :).



Anonymous said...

"People who think that their way of living is vastly superior to others."
That. Exactly that.
My job is really my only issue right now, aside from the daily bodily woes. But that sentence describes the work chaos perfectly. I can not stand arrogant people who have to have it their way or no way, and think any alternative way is ridiculous. Drives me absolutely mad!

& I'm sorry you missed yesterdays post! :( You'll make it up next Sunday :)

middle child said...

Take a deep breath. Now remember this,...I can't say life will get better for any of us, but I do know it gets different. Everything changes. Fell better. *hug*

phylor said...

From a recent button night on facebook: "Beware, karma has a wicked sense of humor" but I don't get the joke.

I'm also behind in my posting and commenting and that bothers me.

My IBS is way out of control, and I have to go on a restricted diet to figure out which foods/beverages are causing all the pain and abdominal distention.

I wish I had money so I could have a spa day.

I don't mind spiders, but centepedes and earwigs are a whole other story. {I shuddered just writing this}

Here's to today: may it be filled with more laughter than tears.

Baffled said...

Wish I could join in the rant but I just spent the last two days crying and ranting on my own blog. I think it is out of my system for a couple of days. Also I had a nice day with husband. He took me for a drive up the coast. We stopped at our favorite antique barn. He was holding me up by the end of our walk around the place but we got to go so that was nice. I'm in a much better mood today. Oh, but earwigs gross me out.

Anonymous said...

I hate when I am stuck in traffic and there is always one ass that has to start beeping his horn. Like that's gonna move the traffic along right?

Jen Daisybee said...

I hate when you have a disabling chronic illness and someone says, "But you don't LOOK sick," to which a friend of mine once replied, "And you don't LOOK stupid."

I hate when I have to wake up early and the night before I get no sleep which puts a huge damper on the next day.

I hate when someone criticizes people with psychiatric illnesses for taking medication, which my mother does to me sometimes.

I hate going to a movie and finding out that the only good part of it was the 30 seconds they showed in the preview.

I hate having to give medicine to my cat, who is currently sick and does not exactly like having a dropper stuck down his throat.

I hate cleaning.

Thanks for letting me get these things off my chest; it helps sometimes to do that!

Chris 78 said...

Spiders scare me too, although not as much as the amount of things that I am starting to forget. I definitely do not enjoy the hazy, unsure moments. They make me feel stupid.

Toni said...

Annie -- your list is long. I hope writing everything down made your feel a bit better.

What bugs me Monday is that I woke up feeling as if I haven't slept at all last night and I slept a good eight hours. "Trashed again" as we call it.

Pamela said...
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Pamela said...

I know! I wish, I could Cook for Myself to.. I hate That I have to ask people and I use to want to be a Chef! :| You need t sleep! you could get sick, me I sleep way to much! haha :) -Pam

Reformed Anon. Girl in Pain said...

ok this might be a long rant, I'll probably use bullet points so I don't have to type in paragraphs. yes I'm lazy but there's some background detail to fully know why this peeves me off!

-I've been on medical leave from work since October but I am still very much involved in the lives of the wonderful people with developmental disabilities I care(d) for. I still go to our community meetings, prayer meetings, picnics and such.
- my long term insurance said I can be a part of events from work as long as I'm not doing anything that I physically shouldn't be..well d'uh! I just go visit and hang out.

ok here's the actual issue!
- on of the assistants from one of the other houses (not the one I lived and worked in) invited me for supper with their house. I was really excited because I don't get to see those friends often
- the b*tch of a woman when she was told by the assistant that I'd been invited said I wasn't allowed to come because she didn't know the "rules" around what I could or couldn't do and she wasn't sure I could be included in community events, so I got uninvited! If this idiot had have THOUGHT for 3 seconds, she would have figured it out that I come to community events all the time if I am well enough, actually I think she knew that I was allowed and just wanted to be a mean bitch! so on Wednesday, we're having a pool party, I plan to be there, I plan to have words with her either there or before by phone.

elisabeth said...

Nausea. Heavy work load. Not enough sleep, even less rest. Self-pressure to achieve. Ruining other peoples' fun because my body is being stupid. Knowing the rest of the week will probably be the same. *sigh* *hugs*

KD said...

Finding out today at the doctor's that I have high blood pressure- no meds yet, re-check in a month.

The possibility that I may have to give up coffee b/c of said high BP.

Talking to said doctor about the all the stress in my life lately, the fibro flare because of said stress, etc. and how what I am doing to manage isn't working well enough so I'm now on Cymbalta for a trial period.

Annie said...

Wow, when I say comment, you guys know how to comment!!

It's amazing to see how much overlap we have between our problems - I wish I could solve them all!

Leslie said...

My rants (all related!):
- My ridiculous clumsiness!
- The stairs at work being waxed (thus redirecting my entire route through the college!)
- Spraining my ankle and being ignored at outpatients. The being ignored I can handle - a twisted ankle is obviously less dire than the man who lost his fingers or the woman who is doubled over in pain or what have you - but what really gets me is that the triage nurse was so cold and unpleasant. Also, I would really appreciate knowing that, as I am on the bottom of the list, I am going to have to wait 10+ hours to be seen. I can wrap my ankle and apply cold compresses myself but an x-ray would be nice to ensure I've not broken anything.

But I have hope for the week!!! Buzzie's date, perhaps?

Sue Jackson said...

Sorry you're still struggling and feeling so poorly.

I'm thinking of you!


Anonymous said...

I know i'm new to your blog but I wish I could hug you. You sound so, meloncholy. Don't worry about missing a post, it's a miracle you as proficient as you are feeling the way you do. I enjoy reading your blog, it makes ME feel more normal. I also agree about others looking down their noses at others. It is in my top 3 "I don't like" list.

I hope you get to feeling better even if only bit by bit each day. Stay strong! Tazzy

Anonymous said...

-methotrexate days
-when methotrexate days land up on busy days and im running around while dizzy and nauseous
-nosy relatives
-visits from distant (bitchy to say i know - but it means putting on a facade of health, happiness, formality)
-that i cant find a job
-that no job means no health insurance right now
-that i dont have health insurance
-that i cant buy a jet and meet my online friends whenever i want
-ummm. life. in general. these days

-SR (@gradstdntwlupus)

The Life from One Hart said...

I wish I had the energy to blog my frustrations! I know it would help. Hope you are doing well today!