Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pop Culture Wednesday

So this week has been quite a shuffle, and as a result - Pop Culture Wednesday won't be all movies this week!!


This show is an absolute riot! Easily one of the funniest things you can witness on DVD right now if you didn't catch it while it ran on MTV.  My friends and I remind me so much of Daria and Jane - it warms my heart and brings me right back to the 90s.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you have any sense of snark!

Tom Petty's - Saving Grace:

Amazing album that has been on rotation all week around my apartment.  It helps that I love Tom Petty and wish he was all mine.  I know a few friends that would jump all over me for saying that!! I need to get a copy of the newest album ASAP!  He eases my pain.

Florence and the Machine's - Lungs:

My other go-to album as of late!  Mind-blowing.  Easily one of the best albums I own.  Kiss With A Fist and Dog Days Are Over could easily play in my head until the end of time and I doubt I would be able to get sick of either song.  If you don't have this album - GO GET IT!


This is what is currently playing non-stop in the background of my apartment.  Noise to me really.  I have played numerous rounds of this game though, and it is very fun.  I like zombies, I like crazy weapons, and I like destroying things - so obviously, it is a decent fit!  My boyfriend cannot get enough of it lately.  Sadly, I can recommend it based on the fact that it is better than most other games he plays constantly in the living room!

I have also started reading Milan Kundera's Immortality which I am totally psyched about! I'm a much slower reader now though, so it will take me forever...

What else is everyone distracting themselves with this week?? Give me some recommendations please lovies!



Alex said...

Hi Annie!

I love Daria! I did when it was on tv, I must have been about 10 at the time. I related to it so much then, and I still do. I wish it was still on, though.

The Starlight Foundation rang me, and they have tickets to a Tim Burton exhibition, and I'm going with a friend! We haven't worked out a date yet, as the tickets are valid until September 17th, and are in the mail still, but I'm really excited. Starlight has been great for me, and it always cheers me up when I get to go out, especially for free, and even more so with a friend.

I'm listening to music a lot, specifically Franz Ferdinand, and plan to write some more blog posts... Even if no one comments, it fills the early hours of the morning when I can't sleep!

I have a whole lot of tv shows that are being recorded this week, and they're always a great distraction. I love shows like 'Criminal Minds' and the 'Law & Order' series. Oh, and 'NCIS', too.

I've always got plenty of homework and study that needs to be done, but I just do the assigned questions, and no more, unless I'm feeling alright. I avoid study of maths like the plague!

So, yeah. I've got a lot of things to distract me this week. And I've just started Lyrica, too. I'm not sure it'll work, but I have to try. =|

Anonymous said...

I have never seen the show myself. I'm not a huge tv gal but I do watch particular shows from time to time.

Music, I'll give anything a listen to once. I'll check out your suggestions above.

I've been sewing to keep my mind off how badly I hurt. been hurting. Is there an end in sight to it, I dont' know. I'd like a day without pain. Just one would suffice.

Stop by for a free giveaway!!

Gentle hugs.

Diana Lee said...

I adore Daris. It so fits my personality. I need to get the DVDs sometime soon.

Nessie said...

The new Petty album is pretty awesome; it has a bluesy bent, which I enjoy quite a bit. I picked it up for the mister when we were heading to the beach, and it's been in his CD player in the car ever since.

Baffled said...

TV show on Netflix:
Farscape (I'm almost finished with season one)
Pushing Daisies
Better Off Ted
Spongebob Squarepants
They have just uploaded Rocky and Bullwinkle so that is in my near future

Must Love Dogs
The Golden Compass
500 Days of Summer
Men Who Stare at Goats
Sense and Sensibility