Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm a Hospital-aholic

I think I've been in the health care system for too long when I start enjoying the process of getting my blood taken.

I love the insertion of that needle into my sad little veins and watching all the blood pour out to be analyzed.  It doesn't even hurt to get done anymore, now that it is like my 500th time.

I'm getting creepy as I age...

I was at the Neurologist a few days ago.  He had been to a conference in Toronto regarding autoimmune antibodies created in mini tumors on the ovaries and lungs, which can then attack parts of the brain (as a result, he had been thinking about me...).

He is scheduling me for an MRI of my brain and an MRI of my ovaries as well as special blood tests for anti NMVA receptor antibodies.

Perhaps we will find something out.  I doubt it.  It seems that I half fit into a million diagnoses, and never fully into a single title.

Some trip pictures!

What is everyone up to this weekend??



Mo said...

That place looks cute and that bed looks marvelous....but nothing is better than your own bed. I know you are happy to be home with all your own blankies.

I am pretty used to blood draws too...but I still hate them. I made a nurse in the ER cry once because she couldn't get the IV in. I am a very "patient patient" but I do have crappy veins. BUT I do not watch..

Hope you get some sleep now that you are home.

xStrangerx said...

I've always been creepy then! lol. I've always liked getting my blood drawn. I always tell them the best places to get blood out of too. lol! Is it bad that I've had blood drawn so many times I know all the best places to get it?? hahaha!

What am I up to this weekend? well, I went out to the bar with my sister tonight for her birthday and then I picked up a friend and we went and sat out at the reservoir and drank and talked. So, I'll probably spend the rest of the weekend recovering from being so active. lol

The place does look cute and cozy and that bed looks a whole hell of a lot more comfy than mine! lol ~jealous~ hahaha but I'm sure its good to be home too. I hope you are getting some sleep. As it is like 5:15 in the morning here and I still have to wait for my meds to kick in and put me to sleep. lol.

I hope you are doing well and getting lots of wonderful sleep! =]


SR said...

i'm with Kayla on this one - i demand they use the veins that don't collapse .. i even know which angle works best! :)

i spent my weekend with my cousins. oh the healing touch of a puppy! awwww.

Annie said...

Mmm the place wasn't bad, but I am SO HAPPY to be home!!!

Kayla and SR - your weekends so far sound fantastic!

I like birthdays with sisters and puppies :)

Toni said...

I used to hate having blood drawn but, like you, I like it now because I've had it done so often and I'm also friendly with the lab tech now. But I insist they use that "butterfly" needle which is much thinner and feeds the blood into plastic tubing that then goes into the syringe. I like watching the blood go through the tubing. Maybe we're forced to develop a dark sense of humor to keep our spirits up!

Yo,Jimbo! said...

--at a Rbt. Frost event
--dizzy from oak pollen
--doing a consult for an art proj.
--putting off my lipids test for
another month (blood-draw..augh)
I want to walk 2 mi / day for a
few wks before it

Elizabeth Kaylene ( said...

I so know the feeling. I don't really enjoy or dislike getting blood taken, but it doesn't bother me at all anymore. I'm so used to it now, I could probably do it myself.

I also know how it feels to sort of fit several diagnoses and yet still not have one. All of my tests always come back negative. The only test that ever came back positive was one for a double stranded DNA, which tells me I have an autoimmune disease. Well... I think I knew that already! Heh.

However, I've heard of lots of people like us who it took years for them to be diagnosed. I'm still holding out that one day, I'll get diagnosed, too.

hayley said...

yeah im used to getting blood tests to. i get in there and pretty much strap the strap around my arm and "get on with it already!" so over it. so i dont know how some people can be afriad of needles though i remember when i was younger i was