Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pop Culture Wednesday

This is what I've been spending my free time with this week!

Kick Ass:

I was skeptical about this movie.  At first it seemed almost corny, but come the second half - it really was kick ass!  I highly recommend as a fun way to pass the time.  Some may find a little girl with a killing vendetta a bit much, but I thought she was adorable :).

The Book of Eli:

Also amazing - I liked this much better than a similar post-apocalyptic world found in The Road.  It was a bit biblically heavy, but the style and swagger of this movie more than made up for it.  Denzel Washington is one hell of an actor.


Abbie Cornish and Heath Ledger have amazing, out of this world chemistry in this film!!  It is a poetic love story turned gritty heroin hell.  I am a sucker for tragic drug tales - I'm not entirely sure why.  This movie is incredibly realistic, and does not make the drug use into a glamorous situation - which is always nice to see.  Also, I miss Heath Ledger and I've only seen Abbie Cornish in two films but she's been breathtaking in both.

How I Met Your Mother:

My favorite and the funniest sitcom I have ever seen.  Every single character on this show cracks me up to the point of being in tears.  There is nothing more healing than laughter.  I should really start incorporating more funny films and television shows into my life.

So here's the question to you today - what are your favorite funny TV shows/movies???



SR said...

HIMYM has gotten me through many a dreary day in stuck in bed!! as far as other favorite comedy shows currently on TV, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and 30 Rock! :)

(the list of favorite comedy shows no longer on the air might take me all day but ... I Love Lucy, Arrested Development, Scrubs, Growing Pains to name but a few...)

elisabeth said...

I loved Kick Ass! I've been trying to get all my friends to see it so they understand the film quips I keep spewing out! And laughing is always good- if I can ever find our box of movies I plan to watch some funny ones!

Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for tragic drug and love stories, too. I've never seen Candy. I'm gonna have to rent it sometime!

I haven't seen anything new lately. Well, actually, I saw an episode of Ugly Americans for the first time and it was pretty funny. Other than that, I haven't really been watching anything. I've been too busy! I am going to watch a couple of episodes of Glee at some point; everyone keeps telling me how great it is and I've never seen it. I'm told it's on Hulu, so yay for that.

Sue Jackson said...

I like How I Met Your Mother, too, but this season, nothing beats Modern Family for belly laughs! Oh, my gosh, they are all hilarious - we laugh through the whole show.

I also really like Rules of Engagement. Patrick Warburton can say anything at all and I laugh - his delivery just cracks me up.

Laughs are good medicine!!


Rachael said...

My favorite funny - or dramady - TV shows are Frasier, Dead Like Me, Freaks & Geeks and Punky Brewster :P