Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Laughing At The Hospital?? You Bet!

The lovely Jenni of ChronicBabe is hosting Patients For A Moment this time around, and we are to tell of our most laugh-out-loud medical experience.

Only one thing has ever been hilarious to me while in the hospital, and that was the actions of another patient who escaped from the psych unit I was in at the time.  He relayed what had happened after being brought back by the police, completely out of his mind after swallowing a gram of hash.  His movie-like situation of trying to get away from the cops by jumping over fences and down fire escapes (with gashes on his arms to match the story) gave the rest of us at the table a good laugh, as we had become friends with him.  Of course, the nurses then told us we shouldn't laugh as we might get out of control.  Apparently laughter is no longer the best medicine haha.

However, I will say that I get pretty funny while in the hospital.  It seems to give me my best material for being a comedian.  It's entirely a defense mechanism, but I crack some pretty funny jokes to my family and the nurses.  The doctors just usually depress me.  What can I say, I want help people!!

(Images from WeHeartIt)

What has made you laugh at the hospital??



Bippidee said...

Seeing a man walking down a corridor with his backless gown on back to front.... The worrying thing is it wasn't even a psych hospital - it was a medical ward! I laughed for quite a long time.

Anonymous said...

Annie...that post was too good!
What makes me laugh when I am in the hospital??? The food!

elisabeth said...

I still think the funniest was when I fell down the stairs at work and was taken to a local clinic for x-rays. I laid on the table and when the nurse turned and saw my ankle (it looked like someone had surgically attached a purple softball to my ankle) she yelled "OH MY GOD!" She immediately apologised and told me that she had seen worse, but she was clearly shocked. It was not particularly reassuring but I couldn't help but laugh at her reaction!

Lindsay said...


The photo you posted just reminded me that my dad's favourite trick when I went in for surgeries was to tug at the towel turban they'd wrap around my head in pre-op (I had a series of jaw surgeries) so that the corners of the fabric made ridiculous-looking ears. It made everyone - the nurses, the surgeon, other patients - burst into giggles, and that kind of laughter is totally infectious (pardon the pun, hehe).

Anonymous said...

My mom's a psych tech at a nearby hospital. On her unit, the teens get journals while they're there. One week it was discovered that the kids were sharing their journals... and sharing dirty notes with each other. The heads of staff tossed around the idea of forbidding journals, and eventually decided to restrict use of pens. Now they can only use pens when sitting at a table and they're all monitored. It's so ridiculous!