Friday, May 7, 2010

Love Me Fridays

  • Chicken on sticks.  I don't know why, but eating meat on a stick never fails to amuse me.
  • My boyfriend Jonathan.  Always.  But still, I like to give him a shout-out.
  • The channel TLC - as it is passing the time as I sit alone in this apartment in Cape Breton.
  • UK Cosmo.  It is sooooooooooooooooooooo much better than the US Cosmo.
  • Cereal.  I'm back on a cereal kick.
  • Blankets.  I don't think I could function on a day-to-day basis without blankets wrapped around me (I JUST BOUGHT A SNUGGIE!!!!)
But generally, I'm not going to lie.  I'm in not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.  I don't know why but my head has gone back to being full of black and screaming.  It's not healthy.  Normally the Celexa keeps it under control, but for about a week I have been having severe mood swings.  Every time I get my head on straight I try to go right back into being positive and productive, but it is a really big struggle.

Being back to not sleeping well is probably not helping business.

I'm sitting here in the middle of the night typing this, and I can feel the flare-up pain in my body growing as I am working on about six hours of sleep in the last four nights.  I might go lay in the shower.

What is everyone loving this week??
Cheer-me-ups are encouraged as well!



xStrangerx said...

Oh Annie, I can relate to you so much right now with the mood swings and such. I just wrote out a huge emotional post on my blog. I am not on as many psych meds as I normally am and I think that is getting to me also. I think we can relate to each other a lot right now. So feel free to get a hold of me whenever. Like I said in one of my reply comments. If you have any instant messengers just let me know and I will send you the addys on facebook!

But on another note... I can't help but to wonder if I helped inspire this cereal kick. lol! hehe ;] mmm me loves me some cerealll!

I hope you get some sleep soon Annie. I am headed to bed now, finally. Sleeping meds are finally kicking my ass (as they should with the amounts that Im on! lol!)

So, goodnight. I hope you sleep soon! and if you do... have sweet dreams! =]

SR said...

oh no!! i hope things look up soon! yay for vacations - but boo for the mess of getting there...

this friday i love me...
1. finally feeling like i'm working my way into a supportive network of chronic sufferers online - and feeling so much less alone! (and not like i'm blogging pages that nobody reads)
2. tempeh! (HARD to be vegetarian in asia)
3. InStyle Magazine - and the time to read it for once. <3
4. oh and finally (thanks to you, babe!) - nurse jackie!

elisabeth said...

What a cutie pic of you! <3

honestly, still a bit too dizzy to love much, although i am actually wearing a SKIRT today which is kind of cool in its own way, heh. ooh! i really liked snuggling in bed with my honey and lovey cats, reading books together. it was pretty awesome. ^_^ looking forward to the weekend and hoepfully some sleeeeep.

Toni said...

I love the picture of you! I think lack of sleep is a major factor in why you feel so lousy. Good sleep makes all the difference to me. I may have a bad day if I sleep well but I never have a good day if I DON'T sleep well. When are you heading home from Cape Breton?

Take care.

Leslie said...

Ack! Toni just took the words right out of my mouth - that picture of you is the number one thing making me smile! So cute!

Other things include: getting rid of the bottles that have been piling up in our house and getting 10 bucks for it, small indulgences including eyebrow waxing and an at-home facial, completely inauthentic Chinese food, friends visiting from away, and Coca-Cola.

Mo said...

My son Dan is coming home from college for the summer tomorrow...that makes me happy.

I seem to have a bit more energy this past week, still taking a nap during the day, but energy to do more things and I'm not so foggy brained. I think it might be because of the DHEA that I am taking again.

Happy because my Sis (who has mono) seems to be getting better slowly.


Dominique said...

You are beautiful! Love the snuggle!

My daughters wedding makes me happy. I will get to give her the wedding of her dreams, and spend time with her and my grand-daughter.

Assiya said...

I'm sorry things are so miserable right now. :(

What am I loving?
*As of today, I have finished three out of my four classes this term.
*I found a potentially awesome internship for the summer.
* I've been watching a lot of Castle online, and I find it quite fun.

Elizabeth Kaylene ( said...

Man, the more I read, the more alike we seem. Can we compare symptoms, maybe? Mine are at and my email is I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it would be SO nice to find someone else going through what I go through (not that it's all nice, but you know what I mean).