Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pop Culture Wednesday

Here is the run-down of what I've been watching this week!!

Nurse Jackie:
This was a recommendation from Toni, and let's just say it may have been the best recommendation EVER.  I love it.  New favorite show.  Every single character is multi-dimensional.  You both love and hate every individual.  Serious moral issues are touched on in every episode, really making one think about healthcare and life in general.  I recommend this more than I've recommended just about anything in the past!!  Go and watch!

I actually had seen this in the theatre, but watched it again yesterday while doing some painting.  It is gory for sure, but a LOT of fun.  It helps that I love all four actors.  I wouldn't put it above Shaun of the Dead, which is really the ultimate zombie comedy (in my opinion).  Plus, there is a cute little love story amidst the bloody killings.  It's an entertaining way to spend the afternoon.

Music & Lyrics:
A funny, but strange movie.  Drew Barrymore is a little too eccentric, although I must say that Hugh Grant plays a washed up pop star well.  I remember loving it back in the day, but now I'm just kind of bored.

Sunset Blvd.
This is a fantastic movie, and yet not my type all at the same time.  The acting is impeccable.  The writing is impeccable.  And yet I still found myself tired and moderately depressed, purely because narcissistic personality disorders are sad things.  This is a movie for the ages though, and I know more people who love it than hate it, so I recommend.






Alison said...

I'm almost done with The Sopranos and I've been looking for a new show to get into, I don't know why I didn't think of Nurse Jackie! Thanks for the tip.

Phoenix Peacock said...

oh I love Nurse Jackie! She is so twisted and fun!

Toni said...

It is one crazy show!

Angela said...

I've been wondering if Nurse Jackie is worth a watch, so I may just have to try it out :)

SR said...

what excellent timing! i just finished up scrubs and was about to go looking for a new show to watch on days when i'm ill in bed.

Diana Lee said...

Nurse Jackie is so good! I feel like she's on a crash course to basically screwing up every single aspect of her life. And she takes so many chances for someone who's doing all that bad stuff!

SR said...

update: i scurried off to find it right after i saw this and am now mildly addicted :)