Monday, May 17, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

  • How tired and sore I've been this week!  I feel like I should go back to bed every hour on the hour - and right now I think every part of my body hurts!  
  • The job situation around here.  Not that I could do much work, but I have been looking for part-time jobs and they are definitely hard to find.
  • The unpacking of laundry and a variety of other bags.  I should just put on music and get it over with, but for some reason I keep putting it off.
  • I have been having some overly large mood swings lately :(.
  • Credit card bills.
  • Owing the Government money.
  • Being poor.  Haha.
  • Missing doctor's appointments.  I seem to dwell.
  • Bruises from being clumsy.
  • The less-than-classy 15 year old overweight girls with 872 pounds of eye makeup who show up at my apartment building looking for drugs!  I want them all to go home and love their moms!
  • I need to book some doctor's appointments I think...
  • And someday get a cell phone...

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What is gripes do you have with this Monday??  Let them off of your chest - it's good for you!



SR said...

-the exhausting, painful fibromyalgia that's getting worse and worse so fast
- the fact that i miss class more often now with the fibromyalgia
-that the Lyrica for the fibromyalgia makes me incredibly groggy the next morning no matter how early in the evening i take it

hmmm.... sensing a trend?

Migrainista said...

the pain in my arms...

Sadako said...

Oh hugs, being sore sucks.

Anonymous said...

I'm really tired, too. All I want to do in the morning when my alarm goes off is go back to sleep. I thought it might be the Seroquel -- since I went off it for a while, then went to 300mg because that's all I had left in samples, and then went back to 400mg when I finally picked up my prescription* -- but it's been over a week now and it shouldn't be affecting me like this. Or should it...?

I beat myself up constantly, too. I always end up with bruises I can't remember giving myself. I think my best natural talent is being a klutz.

Nothing is really bugging me today, other than the fact that I'm at work. They keep dumping responsibilities on me and yet refuse to give me a raise. It's been like this for the last couple of years. By now, they owe me a $5 raise. Grr.

Hope your day gets better!

*Longest sidenote EVER.

Toni said...

Waking up feeling worse than usual from all the pressure I'm under over the book, even though I know I'm still glad I undertook to do it. Today, it will be work from the bed and only the bed though.

Anonymous said...

My off and on 5 (or is it 6?) day headache.
Stress because of issues with hubby's job.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was such a lovely day and my friend got me out of the house for awhile. We ended up at my sister's house and split some of her flowers for my yard. Then today when I woke up it was chilly and rainy. So I'm not happy because my plants didn't get in the garden. Maybe tomorrow. I'm afraid I will never have the energy to do it however.

Rachael said...

- being tired all of the time but having a zillion and one awesome creative ideas
- being too tired to go to the gym
- being bound to government restrictions in order to keep my health insurance

but I have to know what I love about today? Finding your blog!