Sunday, May 16, 2010

Website Recommendations

Have any of you ever checked out The Notebook Doodles?  I LOVE it.  A beautiful blog, with fantastic art, interesting quotes, and general all around goodness.

Do any of you read blogs I should check out?  Even another one of your own?  I love finding new sites online :)!



Anonymous said...

Annie, That website is so cute, I'll be checking it out in my daily wandering. Every blog I read I found out about it from YOU on chronic babe. I haven't strayed from that list. I read most of them everyday and love them all.

I hope you are having a pain-free, puke-free, happy, creative day.


Anonymous said...

Shameless self-promotion in 3, 2, 1...

Freaking Bookworm, my book review blog:

I Rocked the 90's, my 90's generation collection: (full website coming soon)

And now a hysterical blog that isn't mine, that makes me laugh my face off:

Diana Lee said...

That's an awesome site, Annie. So cute!

I love anything that makes me laugh, so I can't get enough of Awkward Family Photos (, E-Mails From an Asshole (, Accidental Penis (, and, of course, Stuff White People Like (

Rachael said...

Here are three blogs from friends of mine:
Milk Glass Mao

Frock and Roll:

Indy Grrrl:

ok and shameless self promotion:

Annie said...

Love all of the above :)
Good call Rachael!!