Friday, May 21, 2010

Love Me Fridays

This is going to be a hard Love Me Friday as it has been one tough week physically and mentally :(.
  • Skinny Lattes - even though I end up making them less skinny by adding sugar.
  • Ice cream and ginger ale, as I haven't been keeping much down.
  • To-Do lists.  Without them and their ability to guilt me, I would probably just give up.
  • ChronicBabe, for having allowed me to meet so many spectacular women.
  • Abbey Road, as I've been listening to it late at night to help coax me into sleep.
  • The website Stereomood, as I can't get many streaming music sites up here in Canada.  Plus, it is letting me listen to a melancholy playlist right now! Haha.
  • My cactus, as it is the one and only thing I seem to be able to keep alive.
  • My new mint green nail polish.  I'm late to the trend, but it looks fantastic :).

(Images from WeHeartIt)

What are you loving this week?  Help me add to my list!!



Dana Marton said...
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Assiya said...

I love those pictures.
*Skype, for helping me keep in touch with my friends and girlfriend.
*My dog snoring next to me.
*Good books.
*Good people.
*The internet.

Dana Marton said...

Annie, this is what I'm loving! Check it out! She's a friend of mine w/ MS. I'm mad that I didn't get this T-shirt design for my Arthritis Walk Team. Oh well, she was always the funny gal, and creative!!/photo.php?pid=1204503&id=1434654778&fbid=1462777656147

I hope you can see the pic.

SR said...

thinking of things was really really hard for me this week... it's been rough.

-wonderful online friends courtesy of ChronicBabe
-the dream that hope of possibilities gives you
-good books
-Twining's chamomile/vanilla/honey tea

Dominique said...

1. relationships
2. photography
3. grand-daughter
4. Ben and Jerry Pistachio Ice Cream
5. My cuddly, cute pugster!
6. Cool nights
7. Soft, silky, cotton sheets.

Annie said...

Dana, that picture is ADORABLE!!

It's too bad we can't all sit around and watch movies and commiserate about the massive pain in our bodies :(

SR said...

oh and also - the princess bride which i rediscovered today after a long long time. i'd forgotten what a great movie it is :)

Anonymous said...

Today I am loving good coffee with hazelnut creamer.

Toni said...

Love your list...can't live without To Do lists either. My guilty pleasure is a decaf soy mocha. It may not sound good, but I love them (as long as it's soy vanilla milk -- the vanilla kills the beany taste).

I hope you feel better soon, Annie.