Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Music Went Away...

I rely on music sooooooooooooo much in life, especially when I'm sick (which seems to be ALL of the time).

I have been feeling severely under the weather lately, and as a result have spent most of my time bed bound.  Last night I couldn't take the lack of movement anymore, so at 1 a.m. I decided to go out for a short walk (basically about half as far as I thought my legs could take me, so that I could make it back to the bed in time...).

Of course, my iPod went into recovery mode and it doesn't match up with the mess that is on my computer now.  Gah.

When I'm at a high enough pain level that I can't sleep, my iPod is the only thing that can help pass the time and lull me down.

Sometimes, I swear, when my technology breaks, it is like losing a friend.  Some would call me overdramatic, but as someone who rarely gets the opportunity to go out and has very few friends in person...I get a little dependent.

A lot of frustration right now, not gonna lie.

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Does anyone else feel this strongly towards their electronics??



Sonja said...

There is nothing that upsets me more than electronics or technology working. ESP if I can't fix it myself.

Gerri said...

We have a desktop computer and a laptop. I mostly use the laptop because I can't sit for too long in the chair. I worked like crazy to get my laptop working again and it just about drove me crazy LOL. I was able to listen to music though and that helped a lot.

I love 80's music, disco, Lady Gaga, Glee - anything you can "dance" to but I don't dance LOL.

ane desu said...

yeah definitely =)
if my iPhone bust then i'd be screwed for music and for being able to be in touch with my closest friends who don't live in this country. id have my laptop but i wouldnt be able to get lovely emails and tweets etc when i'm on the move. that'd be awful!!

i love your blog =) ive only just started here and mine is invite only but youre welcome to read if you like. just let me know!x

Toni said...

I totally get that when your technology breaks down it's like losing a friend. I depend on my computer to connect me to other people and on my iPod for music to sooth my body and on my cassette player to listen to audiobooks.. Three friends. Absolutely

SR said...

oh no!!! i'd be LOST without my iphone for music on the go... i hope you get it fixed up asap dear!

Mo said...

I have an ipod. but have never really used it. I'm in bed or on the couch so often I have come to depend on my laptop, my phone and my TV remote. I'm low maitenance!
Annie...I want you and me to feel good for at least one day. I've been crappy since Tuesday.

Elizabeth Kaylene ( said...

I totally get it. I listen to my mp3 player on the nights I can't sleep, whether it's regular insomnia or because of the pain. Up until recently I didn't have an electric socket near my bed that I could plug my BlackBerry into so that I could still listen to my music while it charged. Those nights were the worst! I suggest buying a cheaper backup mp3 player that you can keep in case something happens to your iPod.

gentlehugs said...

I'm very much the same way! My electronic devices are my friends :) My Blackberry is my lifeline. My most recent best friend is a Sony ereader!!! I love it! Reading is much more enjoyable again, not that I'm not getting shooting pains from holding a book open. I'm more comfy and it's easier on me :)