Saturday, May 29, 2010

Puppies and Kittens :)

There are things I could be writing about...
I likely will further tomorrow.
But right now, all I can do is have a little daydream and wish to not hurt so bad in every way.

My daydream tonight, (makes it sound like a night dream...but whatevs!...), is to have puppies and kitties.

Technically, I might be able to get away with a cat in my apartment, even though they are not allowed.
The puppies have to stay in my daydreams.

(Images from WeHeartIt)

What do you think everyone?  Should I twist the boyfriend's arm into getting me a cat??  I could definitely use the company (on the assumption that I don't get the job I am interviewing for next week).  So many of my blog friends have cats and I'm getting jealous!!



Anonymous said...

Annie, I have a dog and a cat, and they keep me company during the day when I am alone. I just started letting the dog come up on the bed with me when I don't feel good. They are such good companions, I don't know what I would without them. Do you think you could get away with sneaking a cat in? Mine "hunts" and meows and screams all the time she makes too much noise to hide. I hope you can do it!

Anonymous said...

A job interview! WOOHOO! You go proactive girl! What is the position!?

Dominique said...

I love that pic of the first cat! Ha! What personality! You can name her Annie! :-)

I can't tell you to get a pet, especially now that I know your apt doesn't allow them.

For me personally, I love dogs. Pugs to be specific. Cats make me sneeze and I don't like the potty thing.

Can you have fish?

Rachael said...

Get a kitty but by god do not do what I did and adopt willy-nilly. Get an adult cat that is low-key and laid back!

Annie said...

I agree, I'm thinking getting a chill adult cat will be just the thing. Now to go convince the man!!

Also, I will be writing about the job interview soon - just you wait!

Phoenix Peacock said...

I am a big believer in the healing powers of fur therapy :)

Anonymous said...

Annie ~

"I" won't tell anyone if you get a cat! Besides, they can be pretty easy to hide from landlords. Maybe you will get lucky like my friend, whose cats found and adopted HER, giving her NO CHOICE but to give them a home in her apartment! She's had them for a long time now!

Raven/Missy said...

Annie, I am sorry to hear that your pain has returned. Daydreaming sometimes helps me with my pain by distracting me for a while. Puppies and kittens make great daydreams! One of my cats, Pharoah (male Siamese), likes to cuddle up with me when I am hurting a great deal. If I am in bed due to pain, he comes into my room and insists on laying with me. Having him there always makes me feel a little better because I do not feel so alone.

Forgetful Girl said...

I have a puppy and she has changed my life. My doggy pal died last year and I was feeling lonely so my parents got a puppy. A labrador.

She's energetic, chews everything, but somehow knows my limits. I say go for it- go get that cat. It will be a friend for life!

Gerri said...

That last kitty looks like our Ivy (got her around Christmas time all the cats had "holiday" names LOL) - cats are a little less stressful to take care of. I have 2 dogs and 4 cats - that's ENUF LOL