Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Depressing Poem Entry

it's a delicate thing
the heart
so easily warmed
so easily shattered
its dedication
to anything
so fragile
we grasp
we hold on
for a short life
to things we don't understand
and feelings we can't control
in the hopes of promises
that are not guaranteed
why do we do it?
because we know nothing else
not better
not worse



Rosebud Beads said...


Anonymous said...

Annie, You sound like you're having a bad day......I'm sorry.
The poem is beautiful even if it may be a downer. Tomorrow I want to see a happy poem! Hope your feel cheerful later!

Assiya said...

I love your poems Annie! You have some real skills chica :) That being said, I'm sorry you're feeling depressed :( Let me know if there is anything a far-away blogger like myself can do to help

Diana said...

Beautiful and Extraordinary. I love the way you express yourself as only YOU can.

Scott said...

And yet, after all is said and done we’ll arise and greet the Son
Who’s been waiting at the end of our rope.
He died just for me so in Heaven I would be.
Thankful in him I’d placed my hope.

Were you there when he lit the sky on fire this morning?
Was it you who told him what colors to use?
He did not ask us to trust him and his promises.
He commanded us to do so.

The heart is an amazing organ. It keeps on working after
we’ve trashed it. Though we wished it would stop, life
has other intentions and a miraculous healing takes place.
It’s just another scar but those are what he looks for. Why?

You know don't you?

Toni said...

Annie -- I think your poem is extraordinary and, you know what? I know you're feeling depressed but I don't find the poem depressing. To me, it's a poetic description of how we live this life -- our heart reaches out over and over even though there are no guarantees that love will stay, that health will stay, that anything will stay. The very fact that the heart keeps reaching out is, to me, cause to be hopeful and even to rejoice.

Annie said...

Thank you for your support everyone! It means a lot to me that you like what I write.

Also Toni, that was the most beautiful way to interpret the feelings I had going on there. I now see it in almost a shining light instead of a dismal one.

Kerry said...

beautiful. I didn't find it depressing, just raw and real.

mister jim said...

Not overly depressing per se,
and really well written!
Resonates a lot with the Buddhist
POV, I think. The fragile is
still precious.
I love the title of the blog.
Almost felt like taping it
to a mirror.

britta said...

Did you write this, because I REALLY like it!

Annie said...

I did write it Britta, I'm glad you like it! :)