Friday, March 5, 2010

Love Me Fridays

  • Wine in a can!  I felt like I could have a glass of wine and yet still fit in with the drinking crowd.  Big improvement!  Go Sarah and Jon for finding it!
  • My new floral decoration around my bedroom door - it makes me smile EVERY time I look at it:
  • Moving into a manic cycle as opposed to a depressive one.  Not that such things aren't depressing on their own, but I'd rather have too much energy than not enough.
  • My awesome Nordstrom fashion scarf that I picked up for 2 dollars!
  • My new hippy dress!
  • My non-conventional workspace where I accomplish very little!
  • Dreams of moving to a new and better place keep me going.  
  • Listening to music and watching trashy tv.
  • Waiting impatiently for my next doctor's appointment.
That's all that's coming to mind!

What are you loving this Friday???  Details, details!!



Selena said...

I love this post.

This Friday I am loving that I am finally getting better from this upper respiratory infection that has plagued me for the past three weeks.

Have a good weekend Annie! :-)

Jenny said...

I just wanted to stop by and let you know the move from wordpress to my new url is complete, in case you hadn't seen the new post! :)
Thanks for your comment btw. :)
I enjoy your blog! :D

Leslie said...

Home improvement/ renovating shows... though tis a double-edged sword - it leaves me wanting bad.

Wedding shows... ditto.

Pretty much anything on TLC.

This post :) Love the scarf. I had my doubts but upon seeing a picture, you really pull it off.

Using my parents very new, very lovely computer (it almost makes up for the fact that I allowed a virus onto Danny's computer which somehow infiltrated the harddrive. Almost.)


The movie Up.

My awesome sisters.

The fact that my hair is getting vair vair long!

I also found wine in a can! We can look way tough drinking wine out of cans!

Deciding to have a graduation party!

Forgetful Girl said...

I'm going to a friend's house for food and films this evening-haven't managed to do that in a while!

Annie said...

Jenny! I have fixed this in my brain. I've been to the site and didn't seem to put two and two together apparently.

I'm glad you're getting relief Selena! I hope you feel better ASAP!

Yes Leslie - wine in a can! We win!

and Forgetful Girl, I've gotten a few of those opportunities over the last month and they are the best thing ever! You'll have so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Whine in a can? I need it! Where on earth did you find it? I actually woke up feeling good today after a horrible yesterday of being of being "couched" all day. Sis is coming over and we might highlight our hair and get georgeous!

Sonja said...


I am loving the sun (and so is my cat, haven't seen her much since it came out).

I'm loving the fact that I was up to getting my hair cut so it's cute and manageable again!


I am totally loving that UPS updated their estimated shipping date of the shoes I ordered online to TODAY instead of next week! Eeeee!

Stephanie said...

1. wine in juice boxes.

2. This week I got a sewing bug and for the first time in my life I operated my sewing machine unsupervised. I made a pair of yoga pants and a halter, and hemmed a skirt into springtime cuteness. I am very talented. (not really)

3. what does your tattoo say?