Monday, March 29, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

Mmm...I am absolutely exhausted at the beginning of this week.

Let me start my bitchfest, shall I??
  • The fact that my meds are SO hard to adjust.  Pain alleviates when I up the SSRI, but I turn into a complete and total head case.  Zero emotional control.  
  • As a result of this current brain chemistry, I have a continual chest pain knot that I have had off and on since I was 13.  Not pleasant.
  • Loneliness.  I'm becoming close to a hermit.
  • Excessive thoughts of existentialism.
  • The fact that my earrings seemed to have gotten lost in the mail :(
  • Getting stuck in a crowd of people.
  • Having to take my paper snowflakes off of the windows because it isn't winter anymore! (The first part boo - the latter yay!)
  • Waking up and still having a headache.

Ick.  Mondays.

What's getting you down??



rosebudbeads said...

I am mad at Canada Post also, but glad, I guess, that if a package was not going to make it that it was yours and not the strangers (sorry I am happy for that). Although pissed it was the package with four pairs! hahaha! I will make you new ones and we will hope for a package recovery in the near future!

Assiya said...

I totally agree with the waking up and still having a headache thing. I'm tired of waking up everyday in pain.

Leslie said...

The teaser of spring. I'm ready for it now, please.

Also, obnoxious work that has magically appeared... I swear, I was done last week.

Toni said...

I agree that waking up with a headache is the worst.

On the SSRI's, I know a lot of people who had to try several different ones before finding the one that worked best with their body chemistry (sorry if you already know this).

What's bugging me today: I'm frustrated with feeling the same lousy way in the morning whether I sleep well or not.

Annie said...

Toni and Assiya - miserable situations and I commiserate.

Also Toni, I have taken a wide spread of SSRI's and SNRI's it's just none of them can control one thing without messing up another. Bleh.

Sue Jackson said...

Great Dilbert!

Yes, waking up with a headache is the worst - if sleeping didn't get rid of it, nothing will.

Chest pain is also a symptom of Orthostatic Intolerance (OI). My younger son had terrible chest pains until he started OI treatment - now he never gets them. SSRIs are supposed to help OI, though. Do you ingest lots of salt and fluids?

Bad Monday here, too - sore throat and very achy. I haven't done much, so it must be a viral trigger, which is always worse. We leave on vacation in a few days, and I have so much to do!! One son is home crashed, too, but the other finally went back to school after a week-long crash.

Hope things improve on Tuesday for both of us!


Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely! to the excessive thoughts of existentialism. I thought I was alone in this. As strange as it is, I'm glad you feel it too. Good luck getting hospitalized!