Thursday, March 11, 2010

Next Chronic Babe Bloggers Carnival - March 23rd!


I am going to be hosting the next round of Chronic Babe Bloggers for a carnival here!  I'm thinking the entry should go up on March 23rd.

My topic is - what are your favorite/most useful coping mechanisms for pain, depression, and all those silly side effects that come with having chronic illness??  Anyone who reads this blog who has anything to say in the matter is welcome (and encouraged!) to send me a submission.

Submit your link to me at the email address please :)




Assiya said...

Yay! When do you want the links by Annie? Thanks!

Annie said...

I'd say as long as they are in by the 21st or so we'll be all good :)

cfswarrior said...

What a great topic! I'll look forward to reading (I'm in the process of collecting coping skills since I need some)...