Monday, March 8, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

Another day, another week.

Where do I start?

  • The fact that none of my medications really seem to be doing their job lately.
  • This apartment is REALLY messy as a result of my lack of caring attitude - I need to clean it today, tired or not!
(Image from WeHeartIt)
  • Having to collect all this information to file taxes when hardly any of it was mailed out to me.
  • The fact that The Hurt Locker was given Best Picture last night at the Oscar's - not that I didn't love it - but alas.  Yay for Bigelow for being the first ever winning female director though!
Many of these lovely ladies on this Vanity Fair magazine spread were also shown some love:
  • The fact that I usually have blog ideas and posts made up prior to the daily event, and have slacked and am now doing this all at the same time.  This may seem like no biggie to some of you, but it's my only daily activity so I try to stay on top of it, as it's hard to concentrate all at once!
  • Having a ton of books to read but zero concentration :(
As my post was incredibly unstimulating today, I rely on you dear readers!  What more exciting events have you ticked off this Monday???

P.S. - Great Chronic Babe reading over at our Blog Carnival!!



Jonathan said...

I have to come up with a fulltext indexing system for file uploads today. That is my day. Also get a cavity filled :S.

dominique said...

You know, I don't know what it is about Monday's but I struggle to get moving EVERY Monday. I hate that.

I'm still trying to get over this bug I caught 4 weeks ago so I am going to rest and read a book, maybe watch some movies.

In addition, Monday is the first day of my writing schedule. put a post together.

You know one thing that still bothers me from time to time? Watch everyone get up and go to work.

I hope you get the things done you need to do and you get some rest!

Annie said...

I know, it hurts for me to watch everyone get up and go to work too.

I wish I could get up and move around that easily and maintain that kind of energy. Alas.

Hope you are feeling better soon!!! If you watch any good movies make sure to tell me about them! :P

Leslie said...

I apologize as I tend to use your Monday comment boxes as a place to vent.

This week, I hate:

1) That Danny has to get a root canal and thus can't eat, can't sleep, and - even more - I can't do anything about it.

2) That my student loan has not come in.

3) That I am put back another week in substituting because I needed to wait on a criminal record check - which I just found out are actually good for two years and I have bought (yes, bought) three in the past two years.

4) That I didn't get to see you this past weekend.

Scott said...

Some people say Monday is the first day of regrets and if you are regretting what you did over the weekend THEY say good for you at least you’re alive. Obviously THEY don’t live with chronic pain, where the only good day is by a drug educed coma. Prescription of course!!!

I’m sorry it’s difficult to concentrate. Pain does more than just signal the brain it’s time to move away from the fire. It determines just what makes a good day by outlining what hurts.

I don’t believe we were created to suffer but that our suffering will give way to unimaginable joy. Maybe we are being trained to tell the difference and some of us are just slow to learn.

Annie said...

Leslie...I wanted to see you too!!
I'm around all the time. Literally just pop online and come over as you wish.

Scott - I love your viewpoints here! They are really inspiring. Chronic pain really does teach you how to appreciate the little joys!

Scott said...

It takes one to know one!!!

I was an adrenalin junky in my youth with just enough coordination to dodge death and enough strength to almost make it to the top of a cliff face. My chronic pain stems from a 1978 motorcycle accident which fractured some vertebrae in the lower lumber region making cold, moist climates undesirable and teaching me the body has limits. I still feel indestructible but that life may not always be a desirable choice. Pain causes you to trust God more for in my case he is the only one to grant any reprieve.

Did you know? Walking is good exercise but the fear of not being able to out run your walking buddy when being chased by Pit Bull(s) can exacerbate the stress of getting out of bed to do so.

Annie said...


Yes, I can imagine not being able to outrun your walking buddy when being chased by pitbulls would be stressful.

I'd probably stay in bed for the day :P

Samantha said...

I've finally caught on to the whole blog thing. There. I win. I actually like mondays. It means the start of a brand new week. I hate tuesdays. They always seem to disappoint somehow. They are the start, middle or end. They suck. Fuck Tuesdays.

Toni said...

Mondays are a mixed bag for me. Sometimes I feel so blue that everyone is starting their work week and I had to give up my career because of this illness. But on other Mondays, I feel so glad that I don't have to get up to the blaring sound of an alarm clock and drag myself into work.

Go figure!

Assiya said...

Things that bug me:
* Being home this week. It's stressful. And the stress is making breathing just a tad difficult, which is also annoying. Oh family...
*My doctor had said she was going to talk to my insurance company about botox, but she still hasn't done it. (She's going to start now I guess.) So more waiting.
*Still waiting to restart my physical therapy because of insurance company paperwork problems.