Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pop Culture Wednesday

It's been another week heavy on the movies.

Alice in Wonderland
I was not all that impressed with this one.  I went in after hearing a mixture of good and bad reviews, and have to say that my opinion lands squarely in the middle.  The movie is okay.  Nothing special.  The actress who plays Alice has absolutely no emotion on her face and none of the characters have any depth.  All the 3D felt gimmicky and I just found myself bored.

I really enjoyed this quirky little film.  I've always liked seeing Kevin Spacey on screen, and this fits in with my 'the world is bleak but find beauty in it anyway' worldview.  He plays a prominent LA psychiatrist whose wife has recently committed suicide.  As a result, he finds solace in marijuana and slowly finds himself less and less able to help his patients.  Art is made as a result of his and one of his patient's tragedies.

The Reader

Well this one was bleak.  It was an interesting way to tackle such taboo subject matter, with Ralph Fiennes' young character remaining tied to his first love, a much older woman in prison for life as a result of her actions within Nazi Germany (despite the fact that she was framed for a much worse role).  This movie shows the impact that individuals can have on each other's lives and is incredibly well done - but don't expect to have your spirits lifted high.

Food Inc.
I already eat fairly healthily, but after watching this film, I felt as though I needed to make a stand regarding my food choices.  That is what they are going for obviously, and it works.  This movie is disturbing and disgusting.  It is a film that I believe every single individual should be responsible to see.  You will think about where you purchase what you put in your mouth from that point forward, as well as its contents.

That's all for now, as I'm sleepy and need to go to the doctor in the morning.



elisabeth said...

Foo- I did not realise Alice was another 3D film. I am sure they are entertaining in their own way but... I can't see 3D due my type of astigmatism. At best it is lost on me, at worst I get seasick, so I have to find the one non-3D theatre and then convince the person selling tickets that yes, I know it's in 3D, no, I don't want to see it in 3D, and yes, I'm really, really sure. Really. feh.

Forgetful Girl said...

I liked Alice in Wonderland. I'm a Tim Burton fanatic. I LOVED his version of wonderland, and thought the 3D was terrific when Alice falls down the rabbit hole.

The girl who was playing Alice was quite wooden though, and I think some scenes were cut- I wanted more from the Queen of Hearts and the White Queen. It seems a lot was missing. Worth seeing!

- over here in the UK you can see a film in 3D or in 2D in the same cinema (in most cinemas anyway).