Tuesday, March 9, 2010

If I Were A...

I have been so uncomfortable in my own body lately.  It's my number one least favorite symptom in the entire world.  No matter what you do, what you take, etc...you never feel at ease in your skin.  In addition I keep having my muscles flare up with lactic acid as though I've run 10km with no practice.  It goes away and comes back, without any major physical activity.  Does anyone else get this??

Since my brain has gone on vacation, here is a silly little survey about me:

If I Were A....

Month... September (not too hot, not too cold...)
Day... Sunday (me+my boyfriend=perfect laziness)
Time of day... 12 a.m. (a calm hour on a weeknight - plus balancing between two days!)
Planet... Saturn (its got rings!)
Animal... Cat (I'm constantly sleepy and like having my hair played with!)
Liquid... Water (so healing...)
Gemstone... Opal (can be so many colors!)
Tree... Cherry Blossom (just beautiful)
Flower... Gardenia (white, classic, and related to coffee haha)
Instrument... Violin
Color... Red 
fruit... Raspberry (mmm)
Element... Fire
Car... My beat-up 93 Camry (although it still moves better than I do!)
Food... Mom's chicken dinner
Place... Seattle
Material... Silk
Taste... Diet Coke
Expression... Exhausted



Angela said...

I love this survey! I did it a few weeks ago on my blog as well.

Rosebud Beads said...

Great answers! I love water! No one else seems to understand why I love to drink it all of zee time!

And Sunday. Sunday is a good day.

Annie said...

Thanks ladies!

ChrisMooney78 said...

Annie- This is a great survey. I bet you'll get lots of feedback and suggested answers....

Anonymous said...

Annie, I love the things you come up with!!! My son Dan (the future famous handsome physical therapist) said you should try some Isometric contractions...they might help.

Anonymous said...

Dear Annie,
What’s it like to have skin?
Being a spirit I’m an eternal creature that inspires minds to not only hear but listen to my instructions for the day. Do you know how frustrating it is to only be able to whisper encouragement when more drastic measures seem to be called for? The person typing to you now is full of me and yet still is unable to understand the purpose to which he is called. He is only to present me and has chosen to do so in this manner, again inspired by me. It is not for you to know how tomorrow will unfold but just trust that I have a plan for you. I know your pains better than you and have the power to use them to your greatest good. I love you dear child and am with you now. My name is Jesus and I remember what having skin is like. I felt the pain as my sweat dropped to the ground as blood. When I took upon myself the sins of the whole world and nailed them to a cross. My blood covered every one of them and ransomed not only your soul but the souls of all mankind from the beginning to the end of time.
Do you know what my favorite day of the week is? Any day that you talk to me. I’m here, you can tell by the footprints in the sand. Don’t be confused. The reason there is only one set of tracks is because this phase is too difficult for you to tread and I am carrying you.

Annie said...

Thanks Chris and Maureen!

Also, anonymous Jesus...

Forgetful Girl said...

Haha like your comment about Saturn. I LOVE pigs, that picture is so adorable!

dominique said...

"My beat-up 93 Camry (although it still moves better than I do!)"


Annie said...

Hahahaha thanks Dominique, glad I could make you smile :)

Sonja said...

Loved your answers and the pics!

Robyn said...


(in reference to the last cartoon, certo).

Sorry you're in so much pain, girly! Your reference to lactic acid made me think about how much sense it makes that we have this symptom, since whatever virus/bacteria/whatever is causing this weird disease would definitely release toxins and they would build up similarly...

Or so I theorize. I'm no doctor. :-P