Monday, March 15, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays


That was a bad week for the books.

Let's hope this one looks up a bit, shall we?

In terms of what is getting under my skin these days:

  • Of course, the recent intensity of my illness and the fact that no physician seems to give even a remote damn about it.
  • I miss food.  I am hungry ALL of the time.
  • I got angry and I hit my hand on the car as a result of the frustration in the ER.  Now my hand hurts.
  • My ability to sleep better on the couch than the bed recently.  I always wake up in more pain on the couch, but I guess it's better than not sleeping at all.
  • Pills that don't do what they are supposed to do.
  • Loud music, loud crying, loud lighting.  Everything seems extra loud these days.
  • Hiccups.
  • My inability to be remotely productive...

What's bugging you guys this week?? 



Toni said...

-Sleeping nine hours but feeling as if I never even nodded off

-Wishing I could be teaching again

-Having to always watch what I eat since I'm so sedentary

Okay. Those three alone will bug me long enough to get through this day!

upnorth said...

I'm going through a bad spell too. I hope you start to improve soon.

Rosebud Beads said...

Daylight savings has made this Monday a TOTAL BITCH!


Alison said...

Hiccups are the worst! When my digestion problems started I had hiccups practically 24/7 for six months. All the doctors I went to said, "Have you been swallowing a lot of air?" Doctors are the worst too. (Some doctors)

Robyn said...

Aww, sweetie, I'm sorry you've had such a bad week!!

Here are mine:
-My complete inability to remember my to-do list... and way more things to do than I have energy to do them.
-Stomach cramps and major food cravings. Me body wants carbs! And wine! And maybe sugar, but mostly the first two. I'm just so sick of vegetables. I'm only 4 days in. I'm such a wuss.
-The fact that my pill box makes me look like an AIDS patient... (ok, actually, I not-so-secretly love that. I like to shake them like maracas and I like to count them like they're a collection. I just don't like taking them. Or putting up with their side effects).
-My professors. Nothing in particular, they just seem pretty pompous to me and I don't like them much.

Hope you have a better week this time around, Annie... you need a pick-me-up kind of day!

Anonymous said...

Annie, What did I miss? ER? What brought you tho the awful place?
p.s. by the way, I am in a mood...I hate everything today