Sunday, January 3, 2010

Being Your Own Researcher

Sometimes I feel like I have done so much health research on the Internet that I could pass for a Doctor or Pharmacist.

My mother and my sister are the latter, so I at least half know what I'm talking about. I suppose there are worse ways to wash your life down the drain, but not ever knowing what on earth is wrong with your body gets to be quite old.

I'm back to hurting every single moment of every single day now and it's depressing. It seems to go in the same waves as the long diagnosed bipolar disorder. More research needed.

I became violently ill at work the other day - tremors, vomiting, etc... I often worry whether or not I'll be able to hold onto this job. We really do need the money, and a health plan is oh so necessary with the amount of pills I have to buy. Being an adult is hard.

On a much lighter note:

Has anyone checked out Lamebook? It is seriously making me worry about the state of humanity in between fits of laughter.



elisabeth said...

Thank you for pointing me to the pain and hilarity that is Lamebook- it's a bit like People of Walmart: a horrible trainwreck you can't stop watching!

Annie said...

Haha, you are very welcome Elisabeth!
They are both so so painful and make me worry about humanity, but I can't stop laughing!

It makes me wonder whether it's better to be sick than devoid of that many braincells :P