Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When You Wish Upon A Star

I'm pretty sure I am less spry than the average 90 year old right now, with this virus munching my muscles.

Someday I will be healthy again. More like healthy-ish. Sadly, I lost yet another job. I am failure city.

But still. I miss shopping. And doing anything but laying in bed.

Found a sweet blog though!

I don't know why but I pretty much live for self-help blogs. Fashion blogs too, but that is just because I like beautiful things. On the plus side, my hands still work so I'm going to do more cross-stitching and typing.

I love the blogosphere!!! :)


elisabeth said...

I'm so sorry that your job dumped you for being sick. It just seems so unfair sometimes- to be so very sick and then be punished for it also. *hugs*

Annie said...

Thanks Elisabeth. I mean I fully understand where they are coming from...who wants to keep a sick employee on regularly when they know it's going to be a continual issue? It's just does often feel like you're punished by society for not having enough money.

Thanks for the hugs :)