Friday, January 29, 2010

Love Me Fridays

  • NUMERO UNO IS....I can breathe-ish like a normal person again!!! I felt like this day would never come. I still subsist on liquids. Which is annoying. But one battle at a time!
  • The Thirteenth Tale. I haven't finished it in it's entirety yet, but my God what a book.
  • Good iPod Touch Applications rock my world. Especially when it comes to lists, fashion, shopping, or organizing.
  • Editing my bookmarks. I'm following like 800 blogs right now. It's too many blogs. I'm starting to trim them down in the hopes I can pay the most attention to those that deserve it. I might as well being as I'm sickly and never get off the couch.
  • Entertaining the thought of buying a Tassimo brewer. It's expensive. I have no income. But I desperately want to have a cup of not-failed coffee within my own home once in a blue moon.
  • Jon is home! He's sick too with the flu I gave him. But he's home. So I get to hobble around and pretend to take care of him. Lots of snuggles I say.
  • The fact that I plan to get around to painting my fingernails today. First step to starting to look human again!
  • More people commenting on the blog! I love Internet friends
  • --> This made me laugh and laugh.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!



Assiya said...

I'm a big fan of love me fridays and of the great pictures, cartoons, etc. that you find :)

Annie said...

Thanks Assiya! :)

Tis called spending wayyyyyy too much time on the Internet in no productive places haha.