Friday, January 15, 2010

Love Me Fridays


Time to push all the health issues aside and focus on what in life I feel thankful and happy towards.
  • My outfit today is adorable. I will take a picture of it later but it's a pink sweater with a pink and white floral beaded applique, a white flared skirt with stitched tiny white flowers, and grey cotton tights. :)
  • The re-watching process of both Pushing Daisies and Gilmore Girls.
  • Blog comments! Every time anyone comments on this blog I swear my heart grows 3 sizes Grinch-style. Not that I am like a Grinch. But hopefully people understand what I'm saying. I like making new friends :).
  • People who are nice to me on the phone. I know when people call in to tech support people they are usually grouchy, but the people who go out of their way to make my day better I kind of want to kiss through the phone line as I'm usually not feeling so hot in the first place.
  • Webcomics...webcomics...and more webcomics.
  • A well-made cup of coffee. The coffee at work is making me be really grateful that at least some people can do it right.
  • Moisturizer. As it's the winter and I'm turning into Ms. McScales. Plus it has sparkles in it. Gotta love The Body Shop.
and now for everyone's linking pleasure:

I'm feeling cutesy so I'm sending people to Cute Overload to look at the adorable animals.

This XKCD made me laugh so hard this morning. I want to print it out and post it on my computer at work but that would be inappropriate.

Now I must finish making myself look presentable to the common public.


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