Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm Morphing Into A Whale

Let's talk about water weight.

A) It is puffing me up like a balloon right now.
B) It makes me want to stick a pin in myself in hopes of deflation.
C) None of my pants fit.

I started birth control pills not that long ago (in the hopes they can help regulate some of the terrifying woman hormones I have going on here) and, like so many do while on birth control, I have seen rapid weight gain ALL around my abdomen. My fingers and ankles puff up a bit too much to my dismay.

According to the website How Stuff Works (don't listen directly to me or these people, we are not doctors)...these are the 8 tips for lessening water retention.

  1. Avoid salt. Seems easy enough...I can probably do this one.
  2. Eat bananas. Didn't see that one coming. Hrmmm can do a grocery store stop later in the day.
  3. Ice packs. I feel like it would be both cold and weird to go all day with ice packs strapped to my midsection.
  4. Consume natural diuretics (cabbage and cranberry juice). I am going to be ALL over the latter but I can skip on the cabbage.
  5. Eat Yogurt. Well I can get on this right now...wooo.
  6. Drink Water. I can do this, but it will have good old added Crystal Light aspartame in it.
  7. Take Your Vitamins. Can accomplish this one too!
  8. Toss Out Tight Clothing. Well this is obviously not going to happen as I'm not magically rich.
I have fears of ending up the girl who wears sweatpants in public.

Anyone have any better ideas?



Leslie said...

I sort of like sweats. And I like cranberry juice... though I concur that cabbage does not rank high on my must-eat list.

elisabeth said...

Getting your 8 servings of water or juice a day helps a lot. Bananas are good because of the potassium- if you're not a fan bananas then regular potassium supplements will help. Anything with calcium is good, hence the dairy (also good if you get crampy at That Time of Month). I also heard that yoga will help 9then again, I haven't heard of anything that yoga *won't* help yet, lol), but not anything that requires having your head lower than your waist (like downward facing dog)- that'll just make your tummy upset worse. Hope this helps!

Annie said...

Thanks Les and Elisabeth...I will get right on putting these into my daily rotation!