Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Media Suggestions!

Alright people I need suggestions!! I am looking for cheer-me-up movies, tv shows, music, podcasts, anything.

Please give advice...I need smiles.


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Ashley McLellan said...

I love the Vinyl Cafe. Stuart McLean is always good for bringing a smile to my face. Also Joe Henry's last two albums - excellent.

I absolutely recommend the show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

Annie said...

Thanks Ash,

I will be getting on all of these.

I miss you muchly, I feel like I haven't heard about your life in forever <3

elisabeth said...

I love Pixar movies: Cars and Up! are both feel-good movies (although the start of Up! always makes me cry, but it's a good cry, you know?). I also love Miziyaki films: My Neighbour Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service. Another favourite is Hook- Robin Williams is so sweet in that film. If I think of others I'll let you know- I hope things start getting better for you soon! *hugs*

Annie said...

I love Up!! SO so so so much.
I haven't seen Cars yet though, I'll have to get on that. I haven't seen either of the Miziyaki films either! I feel like I must live under a rock.

Thanks for the suggestions Elisabeth, you are the best <3

Gerri said...

I just saw Monsters Inc the other day - it just took me away from my troubles. I do laugh all the way through a Daily Show LOL. Something really old and really silly - The Marx Brothers movies LOL.