Monday, January 25, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

I'm going to try to not make my Monday list as rant-filled as it normally is, but I can't say I'm feeling too good about things.

  1. It's my 5th day laid up in bed with absolutely no signs of getting even remotely better.
  2. I'm pretty sure there is no type of food I have not thrown up.
  3. I'm hopefully on a leave of absence from my job, they are supposed to call me today and let me know whether or not this is okay, or whether they'll have to let me go.
  4. Feeling bad about moaning about these things when Haiti is in a state of are half the places in the world.
  5. Not being productive. I'm a productivity freak and it kills me when I just can't do anything other than occasionally type and roll over.
  6. The heat in my apartment refuses to work correctly.

I am loving the fact that I can eat/keep down baby rice-rusks and a tiny bit of applesauce. It's a pretty bitchin' diet, I'm not gonna lie.

Please world, let me run around and play with the other kids again soon!!!

I feel like this super attractive pumpkin.

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Any good advice for how to entertain yourself when sick this long?? It would be much appreciated.


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