Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Crocodile Tears

News From Yesterday:

  • Confirmed Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Told because of my lack of progesterone, I had gone insulin-resistant; hence, the rapid weight gain.
  • Told to go on a Celiac/Diabetic diet with no sugar and no white starch.
  • Told to go back on birth control to reduce risk of uterine cancer until ready to pump myself full of fertility drugs.
  • Told that by taking anti-androgens on top of all these other drugs I'm likely to just off my liver.
  • Given paperwork for more blood tests.
  • Go to work and even though I had called in saying I would be late with my appointment - was bitched out for not calling in.
  • Then proceeded at the end of the night to be absolutely stranded for help and humiliated by a supervisor in front of my which case I left in giant crocodile tears after the shit day it was.
As of yesterday, I have felt entirely numb and somewhat catatonic. Also, I am packing some clonazepam so if I cross my fingers maybe I won't have to cry at work again. There is little that is more embarrassing.

Hope everyone's day went better than mine.



elisabeth said...

What a lot to have dumped on you at once! As if the health news wasn't enough of the stunner then to have work be crap- I'm so sorry. :{ It's hardly a relief but at least they know what's happening and you can take immediate steps that should help.

Hopefully the diet change will settle down your insides- a friend of mine with other issues was put on a Celiac diet and is doing tonnes better in that regard, so hopefully it will help you, too. *hugs*

Annie said...

Thanks for the internet hugs Elisabeth,

It has just been one of those whirlwind weeks where everything feels like it's been dumped on top of me at once.

I probably sound like a complainer on this blog, but I plan on cheering up come tomorrow and the next day haha.

It is nice to have more things diagnosed as it does give me the option to look into treatment plans. I just sometimes feel like the things to diagnose will never stop coming.