Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Big Questions and the Little Laughs

I wish I was a doctor purely so I could say that to someone. They would probably proceed to kill me and my life would be drastically shortened to that of a common housefly, but I'm not entirely convinced it wouldn't be worth it.


most of us are poked and prodded and pushed by our beloved (or not so beloved) medical specialists.

Jeez, even those of us who are not regulars in the medical circle can say the same about any major relationship in their lives - people, hobbies, general ways of life, etc...

As my mostly beloved author Chuck Palahniuk muses:

Said quote ties in rather wonderfully with my book recommendation of yesterday actually. Everyone is terrified of that big clean slate. Of whether or not there is a God. Of whether or not they are composed of a body, a soul, or just simple degenerating neurons and synapses.


That was a depressing turn of events.

Let's cycle this thing right back up to snickering at the doctor and the common housefly quote, shall we?

Looking forward to doing some guest post writing this week :). Other things I need to do: book hair appointment for cut and color to get rid of the rat's nest growing out of my head, pick up application for other job, and cover the place in lists so I feel like I am being more productive and less sleep-deprived.

Mucho love.



Anonymous said...

I believe you're a doctor.

Anonymous said...

Yay for guest bloggin!