Friday, January 22, 2010

Love Me Fridays

Well it's time to be thankful for the week.

It's been a pretty rough one, so this is going to take every last ounce of creativity I have.

  • The approximate five or six people who make me feel like I'm actually contributing something in life, as opposed to just wasting space.
  • Books. I have bought a ton in the last week - including The Thirteenth Tale and Shutter Island today! So excited!
  • New referrals. My mom finally convinced me to demand to get some second opinions. Things are just getting too sad to not have some.
  • Finding new blogs. The effort that I have made to join Blogher has led me to some rather wonderful new ladies to read about.
  • Hot showers. If only mine lasted for longer than 7 minutes, I would probably spend ALL of my time in there.
  • Online shopping. Hell, real shopping too. I feel like I should try to buy my way into feeling better. I wish that worked better than it does.
  • Wikipedia. Is there anything better/more random when I get bored?
  • Pretty pictures from We Heart It that capture today's feelings:


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