Thursday, January 21, 2010

Picture Post

Being as my body is being uncooperative (WHAT ELSE IS NEW?!), today's post will be a picture post. In addition to that, I need to work on a career change. Badly. My levels of sanity are being pushed straight off the edge of a rather large cliff.


I need stickers like this to put by my door. What a great idea for us memory-lacking/frazzled individuals.
This is how I felt at work last night.
Oh Savage Chickens and your way of capturing my life so perfectly :P.
Jon and I have difficulty putting on our serious faces when we are together most of the time.
I like Augusten Burroughs. I like Starbucks. I like this quote.
Pictures from We Heart It.

I hope everyone is doing well :).


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Sarah said...

Hi Annie! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope the flu goes away soon. I did an hour of yoga last night to get some positive vibes flowing and I'm feeling much better today. Sending some of those yoga vibes your way!