Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Has a Case of the Sads

It's a bizarre thing to have another job let go due to a health situation.

I had been off for too many days. I could come back if I thought the illness was going to clean up quickly and tell them it would not happen on a regular basis. I would also have to fill out their papers and have doctor's notes done up by the end of the next day. I couldn't promise that and I have a hard time lying when it still could be weeks until I get a half-recovery. On top of that, I'm so broken that it hurts to move half an inch, let alone go somewhere to fill in health papers. I should work on my perpetual guilt complex.

I'm probably too blah to fully deal with it yet, but I'm sure the emotions will be a-coming. I got a referral for a new doctor but it will be 3 full months before I see him. It's hard to have no answers for that long.

Who am I kidding??? This is my 11th year of this bullshit.

I'm starting to come off as bitter. I'm going to brainstorm later possible jobs I might be able to manage (like writing! but no one ever pays me for that! woooo).

Until then I'm going to go suck on more Gatorade. I develop such a hatred for Gatorade when it's all I get to have in the run of a month.

Lots of love (I will be positive again soon!),


Krista Cousins said...

Fucking jerks... I can't believe they even have the right to let you go.

Annie said...

Hey Krista,

As I'm editing was ultimately my choice to step back as they chose to bump all my health benefits back by the full three months again and the fact that I think if it is going to be around a month they can let you go anyways.

Either way, it wasn't that beloved off a job. It just looks bad again.