Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Still Need More Sleep...

Things that I am doing/have done so far this weekend:
  1. Looking at this picture:
  2. Catching up on twitter.
  3. Debating what to do for money (part-time job?)
  4. Working on wordpress themes (mind you I keep putting it off because I'm a lazy-pants).
  5. This ME/CFS video that I keep planning to watch and getting distracted by life:
  6. Giving myself carpal tunnel as I have deemed it too hot to type on my desk :(.
  7. Healthy, gluten-free, low glycemic index, low-energy to make meals.  If anyone has any of these, PLEASE send them my way! This heat is brutalizing me!
  8. Stalking Facebook photos.
  9. Putting ice and after-bite on my big fat welts!
  10. Eating watermelon in bed and debating a cry and a nap (being an all around grump pants...).
And it's taken me all day just to type this!  So you can imagine how little actually was done (minus the last two - those occurred for sure...).

What is everyone else doing with their weekend?  In bed, like me?  Off on exotic travels?  Tell, tell!



Toni said...

Sounds like a rough weekend, Annie. I'm sorry. I'm in bed too, watching all last season of Mad Men over again. Dinner was a challenge since my husband is out of town. I'm so spoiled. He brings me my dinner on a tray every night. Tomorrow my son is coming up from Berkeley for a bit. I'll let him spoil me. Hope he's in the mood for that!

Anonymous said...

Oh Annie, I'm so sorry you are feeling so low. I was in bed all day Wednesday and Thursday, and today I dragged myself to the hospital to see my Mom and give my Sis a break. I didn't last 4 hours. Toni, I've got to get Mad Men so I can watch it. I saw it a few times and I really liked it.

Annie, eat all the watermelon you want to in bed! It's good for you.


Rachael said...

Do you own a slow cooker? If you do, I can send you a few recipes :)

Brittney said...

Annie--your weekend sounds like how my Friday went. Hope it starts looking up. I spent yesterday with my sister and nephew. Today I'm either going to run a race or volunteer at it. I haven't decided if I feel well enough to run (I can run, the question actually is do I think I can hold myself back and not go all out). Then I'm vegging all morning and then heading to a baseball game with my Mom and Nephew. :)

Annie said...

Oh it's okay Toni and Maureen, I'm plenty used to being stuck in bed. It just never stops being a bummer.

Also Rachael, I do own a slow cooker so I might have to twitter you on those.

Brittney - I never fail to be amazed by your abilities! You are such a go-getter :)

Voiceless Wonder said...

I'm post MTX shot and have been basically sleeping since 10pm Friday. Hubby just dragged me to Costco and I just about collapsed. Back to bed for me. Sigh.

I have an entire cookbook online of slowcooker recipes that me and some online community friendsmput together. I will DM you the link later. Slowcooker rules!

Annie said...

:( I hope you start to feel better soon!! xo

Can't wait about the slowcooker recipes! Hopefully some of them fit my non-stop food intolerances!

Anonymous said...

moving saturday.
dying sunday.

yup, that's about it.

sorry you had a rough weekend. love you! xoxo

-SR (@gradstdntwlupus)