Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pop Culture Wednesday

This seemed to be my week to watch mediocre movies, but I'll review them (and not necessarily recommend!!).

The Bounty Hunter:

This was....okay.  Solid 5 out of 10.  Jennifer Aniston looks like a California goddess in this movie.  It almost made me want to be tan and blonde and feisty.  Well, I used to have the feisty part covered, before this silly illness took the wind right out of me!  So for those who spend a lot of time on couches - it's worth a watch if you are bored and looking for a couple of cheap laughs :).

The Runaways:

I REALLY enjoyed The Runaways.  I went in not expecting much, and saw the true birth of Dakota Fanning. This girl is going to be a huge star!  Kristen Stewart is also the perfect choice as Joan Jett.  Sex, drugs, rock n' roll, and the start of a fantastic all girl band - what's not to like??  By far the best movie I watched all week!

Cop Out:

This was an abomination of all things that can be called movies.  My friends and I couldn't finish it.  Do not even bother.

Hot Tub Time Machine:

I also watched this film with friends, and I think I was the only one who wasn't extremely fond of it.  It's cute, and I'd still recommend it - but I found it supremely confusing and disjointed.  Plot holes can be found left, right, and center.  It felt like it was attempting to be this year's The Hangover (another movie that I felt was overrated).

What pop culture have you been taking in this week??



Diana Lee said...

I'd missed that The Runaways was out. Definitely gonna have to watch that soon.

Last week I finally got to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I loved it. Thought it was a good screenplay version of the book. We also watched She's Out of My League. It was pretty cute. Silly, but fun.

Rachael said...

I definitely want to rent The Runaways ~ I've always been a D. Fanning fan.

I'm sad to hear Cop Out wasn't enjoyable - Kevin Smith is a favorite of mine but I haven't caught up with his last two flicks.

I agree with you 100% on Hot Tub; overrated (like The Hangover) and only watchable once.

I just watched the original Death at a Funeral (it was OK, but I got antsy) and American Pie (which was better than I was expecting it to be)

Robyn S. said...

Ooh, I just added The Runaways to my netflix list. I friggin love Dakota Fanning, though my enthusiasm for her is only surpassed by how much I despise Kristen Stewart. But I'll take your word that she managed to pull this role off and keep an open mind. ;-)

Sue Jackson said...

I'm adding The Runaways to my list - I hadn't heard of it before - sounds good!

And I appreciate hearing about what's mediocre (and bad) just as much so I know what to avoid!

I posted my Movie Monday summary yesterday, if you're interested in hearing about a couple of good ones!


(uh-oh, I can tell right now I'm going to fail the word verification - the letters are all squished together!)

(ha! I knew it - this one looks easier - wish me luck!)

Sadako said...

Cool reviews. Hot Tub Time Machine looks really bizarre...

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Yes! I loved this review, because I've been curious about all of these movies! DEFINITELY want to see 'The Runaways'.