Friday, July 2, 2010

Love Me Fridays

  • Canada Day! (I like looking for an excuse to not look like a schlub..)
  • My boyfriend's cell phone!  Which I can use to text and twitter until my heart is content :)
  • Notebooks, notebooks, and more notebooks!
  • A perfectly made bed (the opposite of mine right now...)
  • Metric (my favorite Canadian band - but I like so many <3)
  • People who are honest and real.  I seem to run into too many of the alternative.
  • My music, getting me through tough times in bed at night.
  • Air-conditioning.  This heat is starting to really get to me.
  • Fireworks!
  • Anything with melted butter or cheese (although it's all over my keyboard right bad).
  • Office supplies.  I take my role as occasional writer and potential secretary very seriously haha.  I could live in Staples, just dreaming of a world that is organized :).

(Images from WeHeartIt)

Inspire me lovelies! What has been making life worth loving this week??



Melissa Fairchild / PrincessLilla said...

I've been loving: teaching my girls to swim, ice cold water, sunscreen for $1 at the Dollar Tree, & reading your blog posts!
<3 & (((hugs)))

ps- I'm trying my hardest to comment on blog posts more often!

Silly Girl said...

I am a office supply junkie as well. They know me on a first name basis at the Staples here. As a reporter, I like to write with different notebooks and pens. Enjoyed your blog!

Anonymous said...

OH boy do I have a love for air conditioning! haha..It's really hot down here in Florida!

Dana xo

elisabeth said...

I love office supplies too! I have cute magnets with messages like those clips- I should post a picture. They also have ! and @ and when it's something I don't want to file I put them together like fake cuss words. *nods*

Oh! And I totally had a dream that we met last night! Nothing fancy, we were just sitting together and chatting (maybe eating ice cream? That part is fuzzy) but I thought it was a neat thing to share. <3

Migrainista said...

I love office supplies too! :) organization rules!