Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Personal Support Team

So I haven't given my beloved blog readers anything overly personal lately, so I thought maybe today would be a good day for that. I'm going to let you in on my main support team:

My Mom:
Entirely rational, endlessly hopeful, and my best-teammate for meeting with doctors.  She has fought a long and hard battle with me in order to get any kind of proper treatment. Without her, it is likely that I just wouldn't have bothered to fight.  She also is a HUGE part in supporting me financially, even though it kills me to not be able to fend for myself.

The rest of my immediate family: 
For being supportive and always checking in on me :).

My Boyfriend Jonathan:
Always has the ability to kick me in the ass and get me back into life.  He is a great source of strength and love, and never fails to believe we are going to make it through tough times.  Jon also helps support me financially (someday, I will prevail!).  I find relationships terrifying, but he is worth the risk.

For being my closest friend during my sickest hours, and wanting me in her house even though a plant would have made better company.  We feel like outsiders and are constantly paranoid, and yet both preach eternal optimism for each other.  It works surprisingly well.  She also introduced me to her childhood home, where I have been regaining my sense of earthy spirituality lately.

How can anyone feel bad when in such a place, drinking tranquili - tea (haha), with this group??  It happens, but I'm still loving the change after a winter of being hidden! 

Who do you run to and where do you go to get away??



Toni said...

Annie -- You look so beautiful in that picture that seeing it immediately put a big smile on my face. What a wonderful post. I'm so glad you have Jonathan and your close friend and such a supportive mom. It sounds like your mom is your advocate in the medical system. You asked who I run's my husband. He's my advocate in the health care system and he's my best friend and he's my caregiver.

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Toni just said. It is a blessing to have wonderful people around you. I also run to my Hubby or to my Sister for support.

Cute cute cute pic!

Migrainista said...

Looks like a wonderful place to spend time!

Jim K. said...

My God, it really does look like
that there. And I grew up in Maine.

Took a mug of spicy chicken health
soup to clear the cold today.
Then double-teas.