Friday, July 16, 2010

Love Me Fridays

  • New twitter friends and the meeting of a twitter friend in real life!  Twitter is the shiz people, any of you who are not on there need to hop on the bandwagon!
  • One dollar drink days at McDonald's so I can get cheap diet cokes to soothe my occasionally aggressive stomach!
  • Assassin's Creed II being one of the few video games of Jon's that I like to watch!!
  • Many trips to the beach [as I find salt water a healing property :)]
  • Moving the stereo system into the bedroom so we can listen to great tunes.
  • Dream filling up shopping carts online and pretending I could actually checkout.
  • Budgets.  I'm going to make one this weekend if it kills me.  The brainpower alone might.
  • Naps in air conditioned rooms :).
  • Studying relaxation techniques, because my body has gone stiffer than a board!!
  • The amount of to-do lists I am going to churn out as soon as I decide which day planner to buy!
  • This link:
  • Spending extra time with a friend this weekend :)

(Pretty/funny pictures from WeHeartIt)

What is making your life better this week?? I need a pick me up :).



Sonja said...

The fleece blankets that I make are the only thing keeping me sane now!

Robyn said...

1. Twitter completely makes my life better. Or worse. One of those. Either way I really wish everyone I know in real life would join the Twitter party!

2. My heterolifemate/bff is home this week from Toronto, where she lives with her boyfriend, who is ALSO in town so I finally get to meet him. She's beyond awesome, so if you are ever in Toronto, we should arrange for you two to meet. She also knows what it's like for your body to just totally betray you, but she's just so badass that she finds a way to do what she wants anyway. My point is, I'm really excited to see her, lol.

3. I'm finally feeling a bit better. The doc took me off all antibiotics for the time being and switched me onto heavy duty probiotics, and for now that seems to be doing the trick. I have to go see her earlier than planned now, but I'm cool with that.

4. To do lists. They also taunt me sometimes, but it feels good to start getting my life organized, even if it IS only on paper...

5. The excitement of starting to get out there as a single again. It's mostly bullshit, to be honest, but I still kind of feel like I'm getting back on the horse, even if I am just playing in the kiddie pool right now. Do you like mixed metaphors? Apparently I do. You're welcome.

6. Hyperbole and a Half. Reasons are most obvious. ;-)

I hope you have a most stress-free, chillout and wunderbar weekend, Annie!

Maya said... yer 'Love Mes' especially the dream shopping thing.

That Kind of Girl said...

Excellent list! A few things I'm loving today:

* Making it through my second week of (very slowly and wheezily) learning how to run. And, bonus, not even wanting to get on the scale to see if I've lost any weight 'cause, hey, I feel a bit stronger, and that's enough.

* My office moving to new close-early summer hours on Friday!

* One of my best friends visiting from Chicago for the weekend. Oh man am I looking forward to gossiping over gin & gingers!

* Knowing that my blog project is almost over (wow!), and looking forward to what's ahead.

Have a lovely weekend, dude!

cfswarrior said...

What a great list. And I loved the hypochondriac joke so those are 2 things that have made my day better.

Looking at beautiful images helps me also.

I may have to check into twitter...

Toni said...

Just writtin' to say I love that picture of lips with the heart lipsticks. I always look forward to your posts and your pictures, Annie!

SR (gradstdntwlupus) said...

mine's a little late this weekend because it took me awhile to figure it out...

1. triplets from previous lives ;)
2. my sister who gave up the first weekend of her summer vacation try & help me get some information through my foggy brain
3. that 3 days and 2 finals are all that's left

-SR (@gradstdntwlupus)