Monday, July 12, 2010

Things That Bug Me Mondays

Oooooo.  It might end up being a long list this week.  I've been a little blargh the whole last week :(

  • The welts from mosquito bites.  I swear they smell sick blood and need to have it.  For some reason, I always end up with a gazillion more bites than everyone else who is out with me.
  • My car broke down.  This is like the third time it has broken down in the last collective 365 days. 
  • The heat.  The heat.  The heat some more.
  • Pushing myself too hard and ending up in bed for most of the weekend.  But hey, I do this all the time so, what else is new?
  • Being put into awkward and mean people situations that raise my blood pressure, and make me want to harm the other person (this happens to me VERY RARELY!)
  • Getting stuck going places where the boyfriend isn't driving me in my own car.  I need an escape route because I get so worn down so quickly, and being kept there for hours past my limit does not make me a tolerable human being. 
  • Heartburn. Ow.
  • Being too tired to blog about anything worthwhile.  It will turn around.  I promise.  
  • The fact that there are so many amazing people afflicted with similar problems and so few of us are getting any help.  Makes me feel helpless.
  • Emotional trauma. Nuff' said for now :(.

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Ailsa said...

My bio is at . I also have a recent post about my visit to the laundrymat. Sorry about the sucky weekend. Mine was eventful - two birthday parties for four-year-olds to attend this weekend, but not too traumatic.

BarbaraRyan said...

When my illnesses and flare steal my energy, making it hard to enjoy and engage family, friends, and special events/moments fully.

Melissa Fairchild / PrincessLilla said...

(((hugs))) Annie! I'm sorry its been a rough week :( I've had a horribly rough one too.

My 4 year old daughter Lexi is visiting her dad for his vacation time. He brought her to KY to visit his family from July 5-July 14. This is a man who rarely sees his daughter and when he does its for 2-3 days at a time.

Anyway... I have talked to Lexi only 3 times since she has been gone and for a total of 5 minutes. Not 5 minutes per call, I'm talking 5 minutes total between all 3 calls. I have texted him, called him, etc all week long, and he calls back during the worst times. One time she was in the middle of eating dinner, one time they were just arriving at a family get together and there was all sorts of commotion, and the third time he called as she was falling asleep.

I am a VERY involved parent, and am breathing freaken fire over all of this. I miss Lexi so much. I've been crying throughout the day randomly. Her sister, Arianna has been crying randomly (they are step sisters, we're a blended family... and Arianna lives with us 24/7). Arianna and I made Lexi each a youtube video message and sent the link to her a*hole dad's email account so Lexi can see it.

So, needless to say its been a crappy week for me too. I've had other issues this week, like the car overheating everyday. It goes into the shop tomorrow again. My fibro is kicking it up a notch. I'm discouraged about my weight not coming off very fast as I taper my steroids.

Oh gosh, honey, I'm realizing this is turning into a vent and I don't want to make you feel even worse.

Wish I had a good joke to tell you right about now so we could both smile. I do have a cute little saying though from Arianna. I never run out of cute sayings my girls say:
"Mommy, do you know why cats and dogs have fur? So they don't look ugly and so their owners want to pet them." :)

Assiya said...

I hope things start to get better for you :(

*Being exhausted.
*Having too many things to do (several of which increase my pain levels) and not enough time or energy to do them

Anonymous said...

I hate Mondays. After the weekend, everybody goes to work and I am alone in the house again, with my doggie and kitty. Hate Hate Mondays.

Maya said...

Hi Annie, so sorry you've had a sucky week/end.

It's so weird, isn't it? Before we were ill, how often did we worry about an escape hatch for events we were looking forward to? Completely bizarre.

Sometimes a crash is worth it, just to feel a smidge of control or freedom for a bit. And whataya know; every once in a huge while, we find we don't crash as hard as expected.

Anyways, a 'me too' re: crashed weekend.

Robyn S. said...

Unfortunately a lot this week, so I'm joining in the misery-fest...

*The worst stomach-ache/digestive issues/cramps I've had in a long time. Just. Won't. Stop. And won't even let me throw up or something to ease the pain. Wait, maybe that's a good thing. Okay I'm not asking for the throw up part. I take it back.

*The fact that years of illness have made me such a hypochondriac that I just googled, "What does liver failure feel like?"

*In my group of "real-life friends," I'm starting to feel like "the friend that nobody likes" from the Dane Cook skit. Like, I'm not suuure, but it seems like people are talking about me and not calling me back and I don't really understand what I did wrong PLUS it's upsetting to me when people aren't up front with their problems. Just saying.

*I have to get a job. HAVE to. So the whole stomach thing would be better off gone, thanks.

*I'm lonely. And meeting men in bars is just no bueno. Trust me, I've been experimenting.

Yep, that's my rant. I've been reading your Twitter for the last 20 minutes and I just want you to know that I LOVE YOU. Please send me a line if you want to chat sweetie. I'll be praying for you.


elisabeth said...

I am a total bug-magnet, too! (Hubby says it's because I'm so sweet, so I punch him. *nods*) Also, since my immune system is about as effective as a wet tissue in a hurricane, they take *forever* to heal and always scar.

Also, my lousy immune system made me sad last night, because a considerate friend with a cold stayed home instead of coming to visit. I really appreciate it, but I would have risked the germs for a chance to visit. Oh well.

Anonymous said...


moving is exhausting. moving from one side of the world to the other is a royal pain in the tuckus. also it means my life isnt as wonderfully planned out as it was a month ago. (story to come when i have the physical & emotional energy. and time.) also it means leaving the family i have in this town. including my only sister without who i could never have made it through the last year. they get it. but i still feel guilty.

quoting Robyn: "I'm lonely. And meeting men in bars is just no bueno. Trust me, I've been experimenting."

all the pain you're in!! :'( major gentle hugs!

-SR (@gradstdntwlupus)

Toni said...

Mo - I used to hate Mondays but since I got sick and can't work, one day blends into the next and it doesn't matter what day of the week it is to me. This is partly because my husband isn't working now either I suppose. I sometimes don't even realize it's a holiday -- like last Monday, July 5th.

So what this means is...I can get bugged any day of the week!