Saturday, July 10, 2010

Running on Empty

I am exhausted.
I am beat-down.
I am SO sore.
I am covered in mosquito bites.
I pushed myself too hard.
In a lot of parts it was worth it, and in other ways I should have been smart and stayed home.

I'm running on empty now.

I'll write something actually interesting come tomorrow :).

(Image by Summer Pierre)

How is everyone doing this weekend??



Sairs said...

Hope you feel better tomorrow and that you're not so tired and sore :-)

Toni said...

Running on empty -- so familiar. Hopefully when you start to recover, you'll be glad you didn't stay home. Take care.

Toni said...

P.S. I hope this comment stays up. My comments have a way of disappearing from your blog, Annie!

rlee8235 said...

Hi sweetie! I understand and hope you start getting some relief soon! Just rest.....I know....who wants to do that? We'd rather be off an running! Hugs to you!

Annie said...

Oh no, really Toni? I wonder what in the world causes that. I'll look into it!

Also, thanks everyone! I'll feel better soon I'm sure :)