Friday, July 30, 2010

Love Me Fridays

Things that are making my life tolerable through this week:
  • My mom seems to be okay.  I love her.  She is amazing.  I cannot lose her.  I appreciate her in so many ways, and the thought eats me up inside.
  • Jonathan has been wonderful and supportive.  I think we are going to come out okay too.
  • I am able to write again(ish)!  My head has been in such a bad spot that I couldn't even put thoughts together.
  • My sister is home for 5 days!!! I so rarely get to see her and she is the cheeriest, most wonderful treat!
  • A queen size bed - Jon and I seriously need to invest in one.  Good life choice.
  • To know that support is out there, no matter how isolated I feel.  I just need to learn to reach out.  Which is a surprisingly hard thing to do.
  • The raising again of my medication. Scary to think how much control something has over your life.  Still, I feel somewhat better than I did before!
  • Coffee ice cream.
  • Half priced nights at the movie theater!
  • My stuffed dinosaurs!
  • Sleeping on top of the bed with a quilt, trying to trick my brain into thinking it is a nap so I can chill out...yes, I'm neurotic.
  • I wrote a to-do list!  I haven't done anything, but it was a start!  
  • Ginger snaps...for being there for my nausea beast :)

(Images from WeHeartIt)

What are you loving this Friday?? Fill a girl in!



Toni said...

I'm lovin' that you sound like you're doing better. And that's it. That's what I'm loving!

Dominique said...

We share the ginger snaps and the coffee ice cream! LOL

I'm glad as well that today was a little better. That is a good day in my book!

Annie said...

Thank you, you both are wonderful :)

And there is nothing better than ginger snaps and coffee ice cream! Mmmmmmm

Dot said...

I love coffee ice cream too! And I am glad you reminded me that support is always available, no matter how isolating the pain can make you feel. Do you sometimes find that support comes from the most unexpected places? Thanks again, you made my Friday happier.

nerdse said...

Finding fellow spoonies like you!
Making my own sort-of latte with all those fancy flavored creamers out there & strong Colombian coffee.
Soft pretzels for my nausea, & Coca Cola (ginger nauseates me, but then so does Reglan & it's supposed to stop nausea)
Sites where you find other spoonies like ChronicBabe & butyoudontlooksick
Feeling well enough to get on the computer
Best for last: Goose down pillows, hands down, nothing helps pain more except my husband's touch & hugs
How about this question for the future: Things you wish they'd invent (besides a cure for all our chronic conditions, which is a given)?