Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pop Culture Wednesday

I'm surprised I've managed to watch anything this week as my energy level has been at about -10 except for on one day.  All of these have been viewed in a partial brain fuzz coma, so take my reviews lightly haha.


I had seen the first nine or so episodes of this show when it first premiered, but my interest waned and I moved on to something else.  My boyfriend has been getting recommendations on how good it is, so now I must watch it again.  It's cute.  I love Walter.  It is amazing they get away with that level of gore on a mainstream television station.  It's nice, it's fun, but it doesn't blow me away!

When in Rome:

I expected this to be bad.  Really bad.  Painfully bad.  It actually has some redeeming points to it, despite the ridiculous story-line.  Plus, I think Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel had some pretty decent chemistry.  It was a fun watch while feeling sorry for myself on the couch.

Remember Me:

For some reason, I could only find a Spanish poster.  Oh well.  You all understand the general concept here.  I had never understood the buzz about Robert Pattinson until I saw this movie. I then became stalker-y in love with him.  I thought this was a riveting film (albeit REALLY DEPRESSING), and I don't know how I didn't know the ending was going to punch me in the guts like that.


I watched this because I am a really big fan of the up-and-coming Amanda Seyfried.  It was decent.  Lack of trust, affairs, sketchy prostitutes that look as good as she does, obsession, suicide...the whole shebang was present in this film.  It felt like an opposite sex Fatal Attraction.  So if that's your, but I wouldn't go too far out of my way to watch it again.



Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to sit still long enough in one place to watch a movie in so long I can't believe it. My Joe-Man watched WOLFMAN the other night while I was at the hospital with my Mom. He loved it. He also rented Shutter Island, hopefully I will find the time to watch them. Hope you start feeling less like crap and more like Annie soon!

Sue Jackson said...

After 3 weeks spent camping and on vacation, we have been completely media-free (other than books and audio books)! So, I'm lining up movies on my library list now that I'm back home and appreciate the overviews!

We had the exact same perception of Fringe - watched a few of the first episodes, thought it was OK but there were too many other good things on to watch, so it never really grabbed us.


Kerry said...

I absolutely love your term "partial brain fuzz coma"--its the addition of coma that does it for me. I had this "aha" moment when I read it--of oh, that's it, that's the state of my brain today!

Impressed with how much you took in and reviewed through the fuzz. We use Netflix and I'm always glad to learn of movies to add (or not add) to our queue.

Hope your "partial brain fuzz coma" has lifted Annie...