Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Tough Questions...Haha

So, everyone knows by now that it is a rough weekend on my end (despite the fact that I love staying out here, change is just hard on my system!)

Luckily, I'm a stubborn bastard and refuse to let this get me.  I worry that people will think I'm complaining too much, but I write a health blog and have a tendency to ponder life's complexities too much.  

So I'm going to ask some questions to my wonderful readers!

Is there anything people would like to see on this blog as a regular feature?  I always love suggestions! :)

Is there anything about the blog that isn't satisfying?

Feedback would be loved!



Rachael said...

Speaking as a Chronic Illness person myself, I like your personal entries best and I don't think you whine, I think you tell the truth about exactly how you feel and hey, it ain't all fashion plates and zebra prints, y'know? I also like knowing what techniques you use to beat out whatever is ailing you at the moment, be it a physical change or mental.

Toni said...

I love your blog just as it is. You're honest and straightforward about your life. It's so refreshing to read. You don't "edit" your life to make it all pretty. And even when you're feeling awful, you always put in interesting pictures that help put things into perspective.

And I love your themed days. I always look forward to Love Me Fridays and Things That Bug Me Mondays!

Jim K. said...

Love the movie reviews and the humor
and motivational finds. The
continuous heart is inspiring.

If you stumble across odd music
or meme finds in your distraction
seeking, feel free to toss those in
too. Poet blogs are less talkative
now so I've lost media discoveries..

Diana Lee said...

I think you have a great balance, and I appreciate the fact that you're real about the challenges you deal with. Keep up the good work, Annie!

rlee8235 said...

I love your blog! Keep it up and thank you so much!!

Alex said...

I love your blog, but if you have tips to share for anything, whether it's a good movie to see, how to set up a good blog, how to cope with pain, or a new band, I'd love recommendations! Hope you're doing okay! x